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Synonyms for defecate



Synonyms for defecate

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Constipation was diagnosed by physicians in the hospital based on ROME III criteria and a defaecation frequency of less than three before DKT administration.
The exclusion criteria were as follows: cases where the defaecation frequency was four or more one week prior to administration; cases with abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract; cases in which laxatives were additionally prescribed after DKT administration; cases involving less than seven days of hospitalization before DKT administration; and paediatric cases.
From the electronic medical records, defaecation frequencies of the target patients before DKT administration (-7 to -1 day) and in the first week of DKT administration (1 to 7 days), second week of administration (8 to 14 days), third week of administration (15 to 21 days), and fourth week of administration (22 to 28 days) were evaluated and compared between the low- and high-dose groups.
The defaecation frequency increased continuously after DKT administration compared with that before DKT administration (Figure 1).
The increase in defaecation frequency relative to functional constipation has not been confirmed in previous studies.