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Synonyms for defacement

the act of damaging the appearance or surface of something

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Vice President of marketing communications at Rovio Entertainment, Sra Bergstrom, said that the defacement was caught in minutes and corrected immediately, adding that no end user data was compromised in the attack that affected only some users.
The group also said that they do not deface or hack websites randomly, but instead focus their highly targeted attacks on past defacements by Indians hackers.
The plea sought a complete ban on defacement of public properties by Delhi University Students Union poll candidates.
This became clear to me when I began Basquiat's Defacement: The Project, which focuses on the 1983 painting Defacement (The Death of Michael Stewart).
Indeed, as Taussig tells us in a parting shot, so many instances of political defacement 'only occur after the regime has, as we say, fallen, emerging from the vantage point of the security provided by another strong state.
Earlier, Pakistani hackers used to carry mass defacement but now they are more focused on targeting government websites.
When investigating phisher drop email addresses, it is common to find that the email addresses link to information being reported on defacement webpages by defacers.
Moreover, it appears - according to the RoyalAsses website - that only a very few would have no alibi, and may have been in Wasserstein Hall when the defacement occurred.
West was charged with hindering a firefighter, assault with a dangerous weapon, threatening to commit a crime and defacement of property.
Help AG has launched a new anti-website defacement service that it claims can guarantee defacement mitigation in under 30 seconds.
10 -- Hackers from India and Pakistan have started a full-blown hacking and defacement online war which has affected over a dozen websites in both countries.
Toshiya Matsuki, chief executive officer, NEC Asia Pacific stated, With the increasingly complex and sophisticated attacks from cyber criminals, an organization faces a multitude of cyber security risks to its IT systems, ranging from web defacement and malware infections to network and operation system attacks .
The individuals responsible for the defacement have not yet been caught.
The bill "Prevention of Defacement of Property Bill, 2013", aimed at making the wall of public and private properties in Sindh province free from graffiti, was presented by Sindh law minister Dr Sikandar Mandhro.
The hackers have added their defacement page to assamrifles.