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The estate, which includes a castle, also generates income from property lets, boating, fishing, caravans, camping, fish farming, renewable energy plants, telecoms sites, deerstalking, shooting and utility wayleaves.
But a combination of fishing, deerstalking and shooting is the driving force behind this hotel.
In the three-part series, a meek school teacher (Jim Howick) joins his future brother-in-law (Stephen Campbell Moore) and several obnoxious friends on a deerstalking expedition in the Highlands where the hunting party realises they themselves are the prey.
Her presence at Balmoral attracted even more visitors to the Highlands and deerstalking became a popular pastime.
But Dimbleby reveals a mischievous sense of humour as he recalls his own lesson in deerstalking while filming.
She travelled on to Perthshire, with her husband, Prince Albert, to enjoy the deerstalking.
While the Crawleys enjoy traditional Highland activities - including deerstalking and attending the ghillies' ball - the Downton servants have to adjust to the downstairs etiquette of a different household.
The 24-year-old beauty will film a cable TV travel show in Argyll and said: "I am looking forward to going deerstalking."
COMMERCIAL deerstalking dates from 1812 when the Duke of Gordon, who was short of cash, allowed English hunters on to the Glenfeshie Estate to shoot stags.
Mr Hay, owner of a sporting estate near Huntly, Aberdeenshire, said a VisitScotland employee told him that deerstalking was an "elitist and minority sport" and had no place on their website.