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a tight-fitting hat with visors front and back

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We have been provided with clear, distinctive descriptions of the men -- with one wearing a black deerstalker hat.
I'd hate to think of it getting any thinner and a time arriving when I would have to don my deerstalker and put my own investigative skills to the test.
Dog-detective Charlie, with obligatory magnifying glass and deerstalker hat, occasionally appears to point out details viewers might miss.
A fan dons the deerstalker for the convention, and, above left, Holmes star Lars Mikkelsen answers questions
One of two "bold" posters featuring graphic images of dog mess shows a long-eared hound wearing a Sherlock Holmes-style deerstalker hat, and threatens law-breakers with a PS75 fine.
Carried unanimously, apart from the fuzzy, bewhiskered gentleman in the deerstalker at the back .
Will Holmes find his deerstalker and will the deer be happy when he does?
And, as the director points out, the deerstalker never appeared in the books.
Devotees of Holmes and slick on-stage capers should take to Rose's production like a celebrated sleuth takes to a freshly pressed deerstalker.
The 74-year-old star, with his trademark deerstalker and handlebar moustache, was the soap's longest serving cast member.
After realizing there was only a small amount of cash in the pensioner's bag, the man, who is described as black, slim, about 5ft 4ins tall, aged between 20 and 30, and wearing a dark leather deerstalker hat, went back upstairs and woke the woman.
But the Ghanian winger thought the deerstalker and pipe was the chosen look for Hoops fans.
The entry fee is PS15 and every participant will receive a Deerstalker hat, pipe and magnifying glass on the day of the event.
The Sherlock star said he would gladly swap his deerstalker hat for a long dark cape to fight crime.