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a tight-fitting hat with visors front and back

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He also smokes a pipe, wears a deerstalker cap, plays the violin, and uses cocaine when bored.
Another, dressed as sleuth Sherlock Holmes in trench coat and trademark deerstalker hat, carried a magnifying glass and searched for clues.
The race was first staged at Cardiff 's Ely Racecourse in 1895 when it was won by Tom Cannon's Deerstalker which came home four lengths ahead of Dr Moyran's Measure For Measure.
As Vivienne Richmond recorded in Clothing the Poor in 19th-century England: "In 1892 Keir Hardie shocked Parliament by making his first appearance in a tweed suit and deerstalker hat instead of the customary black coat and tall silk hat.
THE star of hit BBC drama Sherlock may be hanging up the famous deerstalker.
| Brett in the Sherlock Holmes TV series with his deerstalker
The Deerstalker Pie, with home made spring onion mash, minted mushy peas and red onion port wine gravy.
Police have now re-issued the footage in a bid to identify the second suspect - often seen wearing a deerstalker hat Insp Darren Lee said: "We received a great response to our first appeal and, within an hour, we were able to make a swift arrest."
IHAVE bought a deerstalker and a shotgun and I'm taking lessons in silent killing.
But the Ghanian winger thought the deerstalker and pipe was the chosen look for Hoops fans.
The Sherlock star said he would gladly swap his deerstalker hat for a long dark cape to fight crime.
Police said he was wearing jeans, a light grey hoodie and a distinctive dark coloured Deerstalker hat with blue and yellow piping.