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leather from the hide of a deer

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All the luxuries that the Tununirmiut knew came from the south--driftwood for sleigh-runners, rod-iron for harpoon-tips, steel knives, tin kettles that cooked food much better than the old soap-stone affairs, flint and steel, and even matches, as well as coloured ribbons for the women's hair, little cheap mirrors, and red cloth for the edging of deerskin dress-jackets.
Deerskin moccasins and mohawks (traditional roach headdress) are two striking examples of the appropriation of Indigenous culture by European settlers that can still be found to this day in Western fashion.
In 2016, DawnNews reported the arrest of Jehangir Khan for fashioning deerskin sandals for Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan which was requested by his cousin who lives in Peshawar to make two pairs for the actor which she was planning to gift him when visiting India.
One easy method requires laying the piece of deerskin on a cutting surface (wood or plastic) and then laying a relatively rigid straight edge (dimensional lumber or brass bar) over the top along one edge.
Quentin Dupieux's seventh feature, Deerskin, acted by Jean Dujardin and Adele Haenel, will open the 51 st Directors' Fortnight which will take place in May in parallel with the Cannes Film Festival.
In the Fejervary-Mayer Codex, a very rare manuscript on deerskin that survived the iconoclastic Spanish conquest, there is an elaborate profile of Yacatecuhtli with an exaggeratedly large nose looming over a red mouth; that was probably why he was also called "Senor de la Nariz" (Lord of the Nose).
The palm side is treated with nanotechnology to make them responsive to touch screens, and the deerskin is durable enough to last for years.
1895) depicting the Butterfly Maiden spirit being (Palhik Mana), created by renowned Hopi-Tewa potter Nampeyo from Hano Village, Ariz.; a woven basket (1907), by Washoe artist Louisa Keyser from Carson City, Nev.; and a shoulder bag made from finely tanned and dyed deerskin hide embellished with porcupine quills (c.
But Nottaway, dressed in traditional deerskin mukluks and holding her gun, was undeterred as she examined paw tracks and urine in the snow, sniffing out whether a deer was lurking nearby.
Drum, early 18th century, Akan, made in Ghana; collected In Virginia, fibre, deerskin (?), camwood, antelope skin (?), African cordia, ht41cm.
The entrance, which mimics a garden, offers "buttery and soft" deerskin gloves for $48 (Dh176.2), gold-handled floral scissors for $72 and the "prettiest compost bin ever" for $175.
The "chain of friendship" that Cherokees forged with British and colonial authorities in the 1730s rested primarily on the highly lucrative deerskin trade, though Cherokees also captured runaway slaves and provided a powerful buffer to French expansion along the Anglo-American frontier.
Jarrar mixed in her own rock 'n' roll DNA-tough chic leather biker jackets in glazed black deerskin, their sleeves cut off, and worn over silk and lace shirt dresses.
As if to prove the point, the exhibition--which opened two days after President Donald Trump issued a discriminatory travel ban--includes a 1993 sculpture called Forbidden Things: an assemblage comprising an oak doorframe, a painted deerskin sign depicting contraband, and a nondescript box adorned with a cheap plastic bowl, in sum resembling an airport security gate.
I strung the bunches on a deerskin thong attached to the rawhide and sewed the bunches down with a stitch between each bunch, precisely the same as you do when stitching down a line of beads in overlay beadwork.