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Synonyms for deerhound

very large and tall rough-coated dog bred for hunting deer

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Only then it becomes clear that the slender light-built dolichocephalic deerhound which hunts by sight should be referred to as kurtas in Lithuanian and as [phrase omitted] in Russian and the heavy-built staghound which is used to hunt the deer by scent or blood trail is skalikas in Lithuanian and [phrase omitted] in Russian.
Every so often this deerhound will jump at me - he's 7ft 8in on his hind legs - and I've had bigger butts from him than anything I've seen on a football field.
They are lighter in weight than Russian Borzoi (Russia), Irish Wolfhound (Ireland), Chart Polski (Poland), Galgo Espanol (Spain), English Greyhound (UK), Magyar Agar (Hungary), Scottish Deerhound (UK), Sloughi (North Africa), and Turkish Tazi (Turkey).
Peter Doyle Bloodstock paid EUR18,000 for a Noverre half-brother to a two-year-old winner out of a Deerhound mare.
Alfie is a deerhound puppy - and a dear hound much loved by master Charlie.
Sealers could be stranded, for instance, should the floes become heavily packed and/or weather conditions deteriorate, as occurred in 1873 when the schooner Deerhound "lost twenty-four men out of fifty-six.
private British spectator yacht, the Deerhound, to collect those
At home, Susan models a positive reading attitude for her husband, three children, and Scottish Deerhound.
Some of the region's most-shocking cases include a deerhound in Swalwell abused for so long it had to be put down because it could not be fed, a terrier in Sunderland left to rot and be eaten by other animals and the discovery of a half-eaten Staffordshire bull terrier in County Durham.
Eric has found three nine-letter words in Webster's Second Unabridged that have this property: KOMINUTER + SPRITTAIL = DEERHOUND.
There were owls, including a barn owl called Jessie, two or more armadillos, rabbits, dormice, a racoon (which hibernated in a chest of drawers), peacocks, parakeets, kangaroos and wallabies, a Canadian marmot or woodchuck, a Pomeranian puppy called Punch, an Irish deerhound called Wolf, a Japanese salamander, two laughing jackasses, a small Brahmin bull that had to go when it chased Rossetti around the garden, and, at length, in September 1869, the wombat.
Scott was his host on the artist's very first trip to Scotland in 1824 and Landseer painted the familiar picture of Scott's dogs, entitled 'A Scene at Abbotsford' with the elderly deerhound Maida in the centre.
WILL you give a new home to Jimmy, a two-year-old Deerhound cross with an excellent temperament?
Alfie is a Deerhound puppy - and a "Dear Hound" as he's much loved by his young master Charlie.