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a trail worn by the passage of deer

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Deer Trail will have 26 clustered homes as part of a conservation development, with nearly 24 acres of the 38 acres left as open space.
Workers will then wrap the second layer of plastic around the first, and the flue dust burrito-shaped packages will be shipped to Deer Trail for offloading.
Freudenstadt is the starting point for the 70-mile Red Deer Trail through outstanding walking country Black Forest vineyards alongside the Rhine...
Work is ongoing on a scenic trail, called the Deer Trail, which will connect Elliot Lake to Mississagi Provincial Park and Iron Bridge.
He also was an active community member, serving as president of the Antioch Rotary Club, member of the Antioch VFW Sequoit Post #4551 and past president of the Deer Trail Hunting Club.
While hunting Illinois several years ago with my friend Scott McIlvoy, we located a heavily used deer trail that snaked through a chunk of thick brush.
If you live in Deer Trail, Colorado, it might earn you a pat on the back.
First off, we followed a pretty well-worn deer trail that skirted the edge of the ravine.
Animal lovers can get up close to deer at Galloway Forest Park over the summer, when local rangers lead guided tours along the Red Deer Trail.
Although I could cover only a tiny fraction of that are with my bow, the stand was set overlooking a heavily used deer trail that entered the field corner via a brushy draw adjacent to a steep cut bank along the river.
On open ground that doesn't show our tracks, it's far too easy to forget where we've been or to simply follow a deer trail out of a good area, thus increasing the likelihood of leaving a large section of cover unchecked.
A buck rub or deer trail can be spotted easily from quite a distance away in January, but can go unnoticed in July even if you're standing right next to it.
"A deeply rutted deer trail crossed a stream there, and the buck came through a little hole in the brush along the stream.
Walker forged ahead without comment, turning onto an obvious deer trail. I explained to him about deer trails and fences and such, and what a good choice he'd made.
Final approval recently was granted to Lake Forest-based Swanson Development, which will construct the 26 clustered homes on 38 acres for the Deer Trail subdivision, Village Manager David Lothspeich said.