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Synonyms for pressure

Synonyms for pressure

the act, condition, or effect of exerting force on someone or something

power used to overcome resistance

to cause (a person or thing) to act or move in spite of resistance

to maintain normal air pressure in


Synonyms for pressure

a force that compels

Related Words

the act of pressing

the state of demanding notice or attention

the somatic sensation that results from applying force to an area of skin

an oppressive condition of physical or mental or social or economic distress

Related Words

to cause to do through pressure or necessity, by physical, moral or intellectual means :"She forced him to take a job in the city"

exert pressure on someone through threats

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This heat relaxes the muscles further, allowing the therapist to apply deeper pressure.
Traditional Western massages use light strokes on the face but the Japanese facial also includes deeper pressure massage.
As a result of 1996's flat consumer environment and the resultant heated competition that Montgomery envisions, it expects margins to also be under deeper pressure.
These deeper pressures arise from non-uniform bony prominences and variations in soft tissue thickness.