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As a verb, deep-six attained fame in the Watergate era, when former White House counsel John Dean told the Senate Watergate Committee that his former colleague John Ehrlichman had advised him to deep six a briefcase found in the White House safe of Watergate burglar E.
For example, she had failed to submit admissible evidence that the "deep-six" comment was in retaliation for her complaints rather than in response to the complaints against her work performance.
I had just finished attending a Marsh seminar on enterprise risk where much of the conversation and the speeches were about Sarbanes-Oxley and identifying those risks that could deep-six a firm like Arthur Anderson.
We're appalled that the NBWA would be so quick to deep-six a high-level scientific inquiry into real solutions to an enormous problem."
Executives could deep-six the so-called "Series Material" in the Ohio River, and watch as the Portage Professional Reporter's Notebooks float for a while, then slowly sink like mad Ophelia in "Hamlet."
They want to rewrite privacy rules regarding medical records, beat back environmental and land-use regulations, open Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, limit corporate liability for dangerous products, deep-six the federal lawsuit against the tobacco industry and undo the Clinton ban on road-building in 60 million acres of national forest.
When they finally deep-six the last one, will a single soul weep at the graveside?
It takes so much effort to manage active disk--to organize the data, back it up, add storage resources to house it--that more and more data is threatening to get pushed into the deep-six category.
have promised to reveal themselves and deep-six their web page at
The Hawaiian experiment will deep-six just a pittance of the 27 billion tons of carbon dioxide (containing 7.4 billion tons of carbon) that human activities emit into the atmosphere each year.
Just when you thought the Cold War was over and it was safe to go outside, along comes the US Navy and its sidekicks to deep-six your dreams of world peace and your liveaboard sailboat.
Many readers will deep-six the request to "praise the mall as our own earthly paradise, as an expression of the Magnificence of commodification, and as a means whereby ordinary people learn the truths of their universe" (246-247).
Considering its popularity--or at least non-unpopularity--the guv is gonna have a lot of explaining to do if he tries to deep-six Dem lawmakers' bid for a family and medical leave insurance plan.
Pandering to freedom-lovers everywhere, Senator Joe Negron (of Stuart no less) introduced a bill this year (SB 744) that would deep-six our entire fishing license structure, fresh and salt.
Bush announced plans to deep-six the position of liaison to the gay and lesbian community, created by President Clinton.