deep-sea diver

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a diver in the deeper parts of the sea

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He said McGowan had trained as a deep-sea diver after leaving school and had travelled the world with his job.
Now Finch, whose brother Jim is a deep-sea diver, has confirmed he will endure the game's ultimate water torture when he tackles the Belfry's world-famous 10th and 18th holes - scenes of innumerable Ryder Cup triumphs and disasters.
Cancer charity fundraiser Lloyd Scott, who "ran" the London marathon wearing a deep-sea diver's suit, receives an MBE.
25 when deep-sea diver Lloyd Scott entered the history books by becoming the first person to watch a movie underwater.
And then there's his watch which a deep-sea diver, an Olympic athlete and a jet-ski champion would be proud of.
Turpin's film, a surprise hit, centres around an extraordinary comic performance by David La Haye as Alex, a deep-sea diver and photographer who is profoundly altered by an encounter in the Indian Ocean.
As a journalist he traveled over northern Australia, also working as a sailor, miner, aviator, deep-sea diver, and stock rider.
Then again, mighty Paul may well have admired the initiative, ingenuity, and finish-what-has-been-started attitude of 35-year-old Scott Mitchen, a veteran deep-sea diver who now spends his summers salvaging sunken logs from the bottom of Lake Superior's Chequamegon Bay near Bayfield, Wisconsin.
Grand Designs C4, 9pm Professional deep-sea diver Adrian Corrigall and his wife Megan plan to build their new family home in rural East Sussex almost entirely out of concrete, with construction involving cutting-edge technologies conceived in Switzerland and never used to build a house before.
London, July 1 ( ANI ): Jessica Biel has now become a professional deep-sea diver after obtaining her underwater certification.
Lloyd, famous for completing last year's London Marathon wearing a deep-sea diver's suit, had already completed three 0.2-mile legs of the stunt in The Mall, London, along Clifton Suspension Bridge and at Manchester United's Old Trafford ground.
She said: "Coming back from America after a month was like coming up from being a deep-sea diver.
Deep-sea diver Colin Cain, 20, of Barmouth Way; Anthony Preston, 21, of Eldonian Way; Anthony Smith, 22, of Heriot Street, John Paul MacDonald, 21, of Wilcock Close; and pipe-fitter Thomas Riding, 18, of Houlgrave Road, all Vauxhall, all denied his murder.
Lloyd, who took five days to complete the London marathon in a deep-sea diver's suit, said: "Teenage Cancer Trust is a charity very close to my heart having survived leukaemia at a young age.