deep space

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any region in space outside the solar system

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In 2017, Roscosmos and the CNSA signed a program of bilateral cooperation for 2018-2022, which includes space garbage monitoring and research into the moon, deep space and satellites, among other issues.
Both American and Russian rockets will be used to construct the deep space gateway.
A full-scale prototype of the deep space habitat will be built by refurbishing the Donatello Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM).
Recently, Deep Space Industries and its partner, the government of Luxembourg, announced plans to build and fly Prospector-X, an experimental mission to low-Earth orbit that will test key technologies needed for low-cost exploration spacecraft.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, manages the Deep Space Network for NASA.
Orbital ATK (NYSE:OA) provides the solid rocket boosters that supply more than 75 percent of the required thrust during the first two minutes of flight, and Aerojet Rocketdyne (NYSE:AJRD) provides the reliable, flight-proven RS-25 and RL-10 engines for the core and upper stage that carry SLS and Orion into orbit and on to deep space on the first flight of SLS.
7DARK 7 DARK STAR (1974) SMALL budget movie about four astronauts who have been together for 20 years on a mission in deep space.
The hundreds of people injured in northern Russia show it's time to take action and no longer be passive about these threats," Rick Tumlinson, chairman of Deep Space Industries said.
Deep space is hard enough to comprehend, let alone see.
CARDIFF University student Kyle Grant is spending the next year exploring deep space - after securing a rare place at Nasa.
BANGALORU: India has installed a pair of giant antennas to monitor a planned robotic mission to the moon next year, making it one of a few nations with deep space tracking ability, officials said.
A BEATLES song is being transmitted into deep space to try and find life on other planets.
Autonomous software-defined radio receivers for deep space applications.
At the end of the tale, Jake is about to head off to Deep Space Nine but with any luck we will see him return to have further adventures with his treasure-hunting friends.
NASA's Deep Space Network of radio receivers last recorded a feeble signal from the venerable craft on Jan.