deep red

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a deep and vivid red color


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She is prettily dressed in gray poplin, trimmed with gray velvet, and set off by a ribbon of deep red tied in a bow at the throat.
Solomon therefore turned to his old companions, whose noses were brightly illuminated by the deep red glow from the bowls of their pipes; assured, by long experience, of their attention, and resolved to show his sense of such indecent behaviour.
Deep red cold shoulder top, PS20 Deep red velvet pencil skirt, PS22 Velvet obi belt, PS12 Gold slingback heels, PS27
They produce daisy-like blooms that come in a range of shades from deep red to pale yellow, including blends, stripes and bands of colour.
It's not a dark rose colour - it's deep red, so no surprise there's lots of red fruity flavours and quite a dry finish.
Ruby found in AJK varies from Pinkish red to deep red and improves in depth to almost pigeon blood red.
People who are deficient in iron find it difficult to digest the deep red pigments in beetroot and so are liable to pass pink urine after eating it.
light my cigarette my deep red lip cut your eyes to the window &
The leaves on 'Irish Crimson' will go a deep red the colder the weather gets.
Taking a cue from Japanese gardens and houndstooth prints, the range featured structured gowns and saris in powdery tints and deep red and gold.
Your lips, oh dear woman, I thought a deep red bow.
Back home at Glebe Cottage we are still enjoying Tulipa Texas Flame (pictured) - 2ft tall, bright mid-yellow with just a flare of deep red on some of the wide, waxy petals above a jumble of broad, squeaky, mid-green leaves.
It was deep red, with plenty of black fruits and spiky pepper.
ICE PLANT (SEDUM SPECTABILE) This is the ideal perennial to extend seasonal interest to your borders, offering pale green succulent foliage in spring and early summer, then producing a long-lasting show of flowers in varying shades of pink to deep red well into autumn.
Others to watch out for include Peter Brand', which produces deep red blooms and whose foliage turns red in autumn, contrasting well with ornamental grasses and bearded irises.