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of coal, as contrasted with coal obtained from a strip mine

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Project partners include the Centre for Excellence In Mining Innovation's Ultra Deep Mining Network (a business-led Network Center of Excellence), Mining Innovation Rehabilitation and Applied Research Corp.
This will make deep mining here in Sudbury, and ultimately the rest of the world, safer, more cost-efficient and greener.
Deep digging capability is made possible by the use of an underwater pump system with a high torque cutter drive assembly to complement the rigorous demands of the deep mining industry.
Scottish Coal said: "While there has been talk about the potential for deep mining in the Longannet and Canonbie areas, we must ensure all options are explored.
He said: "There will always be unpredictabilities, particularly in deep mining.
According to the secretary of PT Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam Munandar Sai Sohar, said Chinese investors have been chosen to handle the deep mines as they have long experience in deep mining operation.
This divides deep mining technology into 15 separate elements, arranged in three tiers - those which are critical to ultra-deep mining, those required to access ultra-deep resources, and those that are not specific to mining or access, but are nonetheless critical to efficient ultra-deep mines.
Tenders are invited for Extension of 10 dia ms pipe delivery line from culvert (of deep mining zone) to discharge point (near chhota simra village) at deep mining zone.
Again, making Canadian mining companies number one: known for deep mining, known for the technology, known for their knowledge.
the removal of inherent deep mining risk is in many ways attractive within the long term business model, but the costs and benefits must be considered carefully.
But with the demise of the deep mining industry which followed, plans for a colliery were shelved.
The most recent figures from UK Coal showed that its deep mining division made a loss of pounds 15.
The moves come after the company reported a fall in sales in the four months to the end of October and said its deep mining operations at eight sites after the recent closure of the Selby complex, had been disappointing.
Meanwhile, revisions to a feasibility study on the proposed Konkola Deep Mining project, and the viability of extending the Nchanga open pit beyond 3.
Tenders are invited for Extension Of 10 Dia Ms Pipe Delivery Line From Culvert ( Of Deep Mining Zone) To Discharge Point (Near Chhota Simra Village) At Deep Mining Zone.