deep brown

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a medium brown to dark-brown color

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Whether you're looking to try a light bronde (brunette and blonde mix) or a deep brown, it's all about getting your hair looking as healthy and shiny as possible.
Not only does it contain plenty of sugar and corn syrup, it gets much of its avour and deep brown colour from molasses.
When the sugar has dissolved, increase the heat and let the mix become a deep brown.
I tried it in black, but it also comes in deep brown and blue.
A: The colour palette of my first collection is inspired by the natural landscape of Siberia and includes the winter beige, deep brown gray, from ice to anthracite, midnight blue, soft cream, deep brown; bordeaux and ink sapphire blue.
The Promise (a lovely deep brown for shading, and lining the brow, with an ecru for the rest of the eyelid) is the perfect eye kit.
He wore a deep brown T-shirt with colourful butterfly motifs.
O'Connell said both malts deliver a deep brown to black color tones without bitter or astringent notes.
children: dead quarries with deep brown pools, bramble thickets, popped
The result is a deep brown, molasses-like material of dubious value.
She died in 2002 Miss Fields wore a deep brown coat and she sang Sally to the waiting crowds.
50) Verdict: Urban Glide-Crash A deep brown colour, this has smooth application which can be smudged at will.
These speckles can become very intense in the petal blade that can color deep brown to nearly black.