deep brown

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a medium brown to dark-brown color

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These speckles can become very intense in the petal blade that can color deep brown to nearly black.
Vintage wrought-iron chairs, rusted metal side tables, and brown cushions make this space invitingly casual and play off the deep brown fence behind.
The range includes everything from a Double Ended Eye Brightener ($22) in gold hues to a Creamy Cheek Color ($24) in a warm brown sun-kissed shade to a Waterproof Shadow Liner Trio ($29) in either Exotic, a deep purple, lilac and champagne story; or Savage, a vibrant green, deep brown and soft gold combination.
And it reminds me of a day in September as a child in Sussex, when we gathered the deep brown sloe berries from the blackthorn hedges, and my grandmother would give us silver forks to prick each berry to release its juice, before she put it into large bottles of gin with copious sugar to be hidden deep in the pantry until Christmas.
We also have Emily Mckenzie, with large coppery orange flowers marked with deep brown splotches, Queen of Spain, a large golden orange colour and Solfatare, which has soft yellow flowers over brownish foliage.
The tree in my front yard is completely covered with deep brown leaves that are firmly attached to the branches.
For an added touch of elegance, the collection also offers models with dials in several hues of mother-of-pearl.Designed with versatility in mind, Vivante is available with a soft, three-link satin and polished stainless steel bracelet or high-quality "croco-grain" leather straps in black or deep brown. A cabochon crown provides just the right finishing touch to this all occasion, 100-meter water resistant Swiss made timepiece.
The bay colt was described by spokesman David O'Callaghan as "a nice, correct colt with a good, deep brown colour and no white markings".
When ripe it turns a deep brown with hints of green near the shoulder.
The North Fork Bank branch features a terrazzo floor radiating in a starburst from a central checking desk, deep brown, palm-leaf pattern carpet, woven dark wood fixtures, metal painted ceiling tiles, handcrafted burnished brass chandelier and oversized plush leather chairs.
Sherwin-Williams' 2005 RetroSpective category, a range of five shades from bright green to deep brown to hot orange, takes its cue from various textile influences like Sashiko, a form of hand-sewing once practiced in Japan and China, and 1950s-era fabric designs.
For those who want a contemporary spin, Angela Adams offers several groovy rugs in a deep brown.
Those small spheres, which ranged from dark red to deep brown, may be red blood cells, says Schweitzer.
In a small adjoining room, visible through a large window, a student in a lab coat cheeks the chemical composition of oil in test tubes, varying in color from pale yellow to deep brown. Another student is focused on computer simulations of chemical blends.
The sketchy sheets barely concealed the deep brown of the amoeba-shaped stains on the mattresses and we talked every day about moving to a different hotel, which we never did because we could never get it together to wake up early enough to check out.