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performance of moral or religious acts


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THESEUS I marvel not if thou hast dallied long In converse with thy children and preferred Their speech to mine; I feel no jealousy, I would be famous more by deeds than words.
Nay, were Front-de-B uf afraid to justify a deed so open, let the leech but give his patient a wrong draught let the chamberlain, or the nurse who tends him, but pluck the pillow from his head, and Wilfred in his present condition, is sped without the effusion of blood.
And soon little Bud found out their gentle deeds, and her friendly words gave them new strength.
Then, with tears, the Fairies answered, "Ah, good little Bud, you have taken the hardest task yourself, and who will repay you for all your deeds of tenderness and mercy in the great world?
Through the dreary months, when they might have dwelt among fair Southern flowers, beneath a smiling sky, they toiled in the dark and silent earth, filling the hearts of the gentle Flower Spirits with grateful love, seeking no reward but the knowledge of their own good deeds, and the joy they always bring.
Then, while happy tears fell, Queen Dew-Drop placed the bright crowns on the bowed heads of the kneeling Fairies, and laid before them the wands their own good deeds had rendered powerful.
Tender roots were folded in withered leaves, that no chilling drops might reach them; and safely dreamed the flowers, till summer winds should call them forth; while lighter grew each Fairy heart, as every gentle deed was tenderly performed.
Evermore did he now see himself as the doer of one deed. Madness, I call this: the exception reversed itself to the rule in him.
There is another madness besides, and it is BEFORE the deed. Ah!
In reply to his last question Pierre again explained who Makar Alexeevich was and how just before their arrival that drunken imbecile had seized the loaded pistol which they had not had time to recover from him, and begged the officer to let the deed go unpunished.
The agent had the deed all ready, and invited them to sit down and read it; this Szedvilas proceeded to do--a painful and laborious process, during which the agent drummed upon the desk.
The lawyer read over the deed, and when he had read it he informed Szedvilas that it was all perfectly regular, that the deed was a blank deed such as was often used in these sales.
He added that speculators are acquiring land, some through illegal, coercive or irregular means at the expense of the locals.He said the county government is targeting to issue at least 5,000 title deeds to squatters every year.
He said City Hall has been collecting money from residents to facilitate processing of lease and title deeds since 1993 but no documents have been issued.
Tzedakah boxes are intended to collect coins and money with which to do good deeds. The students will bring their boxes to the drive on April 7.