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a deed made and executed by only one party

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They add: "The Deed Poll documents that are produced by quickdeedpoll.
However, the Appeal Court yesterday agreed that the deed poll was ``null and void'' because the council had no longer any intention of using the land for public use.
Or will we have to start thinking of a name change for UK Deed Poll Service to SCROOGE?
Contrary to popular belief, there is no central register of name changes and unless you have your deed poll lodged for safe keeping and enrolled with the Supreme Court, nobody will know about it unless you tell them otherwise.
The Deed Poll Services office confirmed the name change and added: "We wish Prince all the luck for the future.
The highest bid stood at just pounds 30, before the UK Deed Poll Service's chief executive Mike Barratt stepped in with pounds 5,000.
Backstage, one of Ozzy's band members was overheard to comment: "what a fan - even Ozzy hasn't changed his name to Ozzy by deed poll.
Mike Barratt, spokesman for the UK Deed Poll Service, had disappointing news for the soccer legend.
McAlpine changed his name by deed poll to Jay Powers and set himself up as a tennis coach in Devon after being released early from a 30-month sentence for seven indecent assaults.
A DENTAL assistant has announced she will change her name to Pudsey Bear after bosses at the UK Deed Poll Service donated pounds 5,000 to her Children in Need appeal.
Wal sall council worker David Fearn has adopted the name of James Bond and the film titles as middle names by deed poll.
Apparently you can't change your name by deed poll, (or by statutory declaration, which is cheaper), whatever your solicitor may lead you to believe.
Now Ronnie, of Blackpool, Lancs, has completed his transformation by spending pounds 5 on a deed poll to have the same name as his musical hero.
THOUSANDS of people have changed their birth name by deed poll this year for some off-the-wall alternatives.
Eileen De Bont, 37, decided to adopt the identity of the BBC's yellow teddy by deed poll in the run-up to last year's TV charity event.