deed of conveyance

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a legal document signed and sealed and delivered to effect a transfer of property and to show the legal right to possess it

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Currently, the law assumes that any grantee in a strategic conveyance is mentally competent and that the deed of conveyance reveals the condition of the land.
The injunction was granted to neighbours Alphonsus and Claudia O'Mara, who claim Van is prohibited from carrying out the work by a deed of conveyance.
Over the course of the next eight years until 2017, the BCDA and NHA worked on the required documentation to transfer the land titles to the BCDA; amend the BDA's deed of conveyance to correct the area covered for housing from 5,340 sqm to a whopping 5,434 sqm; and finally, amend the BCDA's exemption from real property tax.
It was then when she found out that a Deed of Conveyance from the BCDA to the NHA was necessary to finally process and release the titles to the beneficiaries.
Today, the Deed of Conveyance was signed by Hizon and the NHA.
This property is to be sold as is, where is, with no warranty of title and transferred by Deed of Conveyance. The sale will be in compliance with Florida Statute 125.35.
All that piece and parcel of land measuring more or less 0.420 hectare, covered under original deed of conveyance no 1090 dated 17.01.1997 entered into between smt sushma agarwal, w/o.
All that piece and parcel of land measuring more or less 2.22 acre, covered under original deed of conveyance no.