deductive reasoning

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reasoning from the general to the particular (or from cause to effect)

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A number of laboratory studies have examined how emotion and mood influence deductive reasoning (e.
I have several literary favorites, including Sherlock Holmes, who approached his investigations with deductive reasoning.
Going a step lower in insensitivity, another question in deductive reasoning had the statements, "All women are cats and all cats are rats" and asked the candidates whether it meant all women were rats or all rats were women.
Toys like Roominate keep kids' brains engaged, developing their deductive reasoning and spatial skills through building and exploring circuits.
The University of Roehampton, London Online has launched an interactive simulation that encourages participants to use their skills, logic and deductive reasoning to help save thousands of lives in the aftermath of a fictitious massive earthquake in the virtual country of Manresa.
The first pair of chapters presents early experimental work on the Wason selection task (a deductive reasoning experiment) and syllogistic reasoning, followed by a chapter discussing recent experimental work on conditionals.
From the speech's rough draft in Washington, to Lincoln's railway journey, its revisions, and its battlefield presentation, Writing the Gettysburg Address spares no detail, and applies literary and deductive reasoning to the circumstances and motivations of the major players in the speech's creation.
Learning is seldom a linear process and in order to develop mathematical deductive reasoning, students will necessarily need to struggle to develop their own understanding and reasoning processes, with plenty of bumps and hiccups along the way.
Lead author postdoctoral scholar Alessandra Chesi, PhD, and Gitler combined deductive reasoning with recent advances in sequencing technology to conduct the work, which relied on the availability of genetic samples from not only ALS patients, but also the patients' unaffected parents.
You don't have to be up to speed on your deductive reasoning to figure out whodunnit, you have to be Mystic Meg.
In Argentina, short-story writers such as Borges and Bioy Casares popularized the detective as a pure thinker, one who resolves cases by means of a complex system of deductive reasoning facilitated by keen intelligence.
Harnessing brain's spatial areas improves deductive reasoning
It doesn't take Sherlock long to change his mind about the tutor since Amyus Crowe, an American, makes the world a classroom and deductive reasoning the curriculum.
Deductive reasoning results from the evidence that people see in murder-mystery movies--the smoking gun, witnesses, DNA, fingerprints, and other tangible facts and clues.