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involving inferences from general principles

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This paper presents parallel algorithms to solve the generalized fully instantiated same generation query and the generalized partially instantiated same generation query in deductive databases.
In the last installment we discussedf the rapid increase in mold litigation, and how in many of these lawsuits, the basis of the claims result from purely faulty deductive logic.
Updates requirements for contracting for construction; and relocates to PGI, procedures for distribution and use of contractor performance reports, handling of government estimates of construction costs, use of bid schedules with additive or deductive items, and establishment of technical working agreements with foreign governments.
Of the two Sherlock Holmes stories, I liked "The Copper Beeches" better because it gives Holmes more of an opportunity to display his deductive brilliance.
The class helps students with deductive reasoning and problem solving, said science teacher Liz Virnelson, who brought the class to the school.
From the speech's rough draft in Washington, to Lincoln's railway journey, its revisions, and its battlefield presentation, Writing the Gettysburg Address spares no detail, and applies literary and deductive reasoning to the circumstances and motivations of the major players in the speech's creation.
Two types of scenarios are commonly used to explore the future in a structured fashion: deductive and inductive.
These considerations concern a second dichotomy in language teaching methodology--in fact, in teaching methodology in general--namely that of inductive versus deductive teaching designs.
The text expands and clarifies concepts like the distinction between inductive and deductive arguments, deductive validity, the deductive nature of normative arguments, the role of subpremises, and others, and addresses how nonrational factors affect thinking and why the fallacy of self-interest is a problem of relevance rather than a moral issue.
Scores are included on the following skills: inductive and deductive reasoning, evaluation, analysis and inference.
A bank of editors from across the US have assembled a textbook introducing an algorithmic, deductive approach to interpreting renal pathology.
IT does not require phenomenal deductive powers to realise John Fahy's claim is a useful asset and the 19-year-old rider put his advantage to good use with a Kempton double.
CONCEPTUAL ART, it could be said, gravitates toward either deductive or productive gestures.