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capable of being deduced

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If the participant was certain (i.e, had logically deduced) that a code member was deducible at a particular position in the code, then he or she marked "100" (indicating 100% sure) in the position for that button.
(13) Differentiated only in their surface-level expression, cultural elements shared across African societies enables the formulation of a generalized typology of deep structural constructs (14) from a simplified, closed axiological set containing two value-based norms is deducible, hence a (1) consumption balance of individual and society (i.e., individuals must only consume social goods/products having socio-religious utility); and (2) production balances of individual and society wherein individuals must only produce social goods/products to satisfy socio-religious utility.
Economist and mathematician Ken Binmore, in his excellent, provocative book Natural Justice (Oxford University Press, 2005), suggests that ethical standards or norms, rather than being deducible from reason alone as certain philosophical traditions would have it, evolve.
An employee might have a $2,000 deducible before reaching coverage, he says, and sickness and accident policies are being sold to employees to close the "gap." It's not for preventive services, but if someone is hospitalized, it could come in handy.
El critico, por ejemplo, esta persuadido de que la celebre secuencia indianismo-indigenismo-neoindigenismo, facilmente deducible de la historia literaria peruana, no puede encontrarse en Colombia, donde "no ha existido esa tradicion critica, intelectual y social de pensamiento a nivel artistico y antropologico tan fuerte como en el Peru, o en Mexico" (54).
Motivations and actions are sometimes not deducible by others; it is easy to make a mistake.
The entire edifice of a world of private property rests on dubious grounds; and while this important point is certainly deducible from these studies, the authors do not venture down this path of inquiry.
Junge then undertakes the development of an Egyptian psychology or anthropology as deducible from Ptahhotep (chapter six).
Cada uno de ellos, ademas de las senas de identificacion de la obra (autor, titulo, lugar de impresion, editor, ano de edicion, numero de ediciones, numero de paginas...) comprende cuatro campos donde se especifican el genero ( consilia, memorial...); la materia (derecho civil o canonico); el tema, que permite con una o varias palabras identificar el contenido de la obra ( corso, dote, servicio personal, real patronato...), aunque tambien puede ser desconocido (en caso de que Luque no haya podido manejar directamente la obra y no sea deducible del titulo); y algunas observaciones.
anchored in reality at the nodes of deducible observational sentences," Habermas asks: "Is this kind of anchoring in itself sufficient, however, to satisfy the realist intuition of an independent world that can challenge even our best description?" (p.
That the civil war is still a contested past is also deducible from many other contemporary symptoms, above all the lack of major museum coverage of the civil war, especially in Madrid.