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lose specialization in form or function

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Another method of dedifferentiating myotubes is cell cycle reentry by means of inhibiting the tumor suppression genes Rb and ARF [76], which indicates that dedifferentiation may be possible in mammals.
Brockes, "Monoclonal antibodies identify blastemal cells derived from dedifferentiating muscle in newt limb regeneration," Nature, vol.
We have previously shown that genes associated with the ECM were strongly upregulated in dedifferentiating adipocytes.
In the shoots treated with IBA short radial rows of three-four successive dedifferentiating cells were observed in these zones (Fig.
The possible occurrence of cyclic embryogenesis in which embryogenic cells are sloughed from dedifferentiating mature embryos may account for such a pattern.
DHT is a potent androgen and along with testosterone causes proliferation in the prostate gland (dedifferentiating) by activating androgen receptors.
In the cytoplasm of dedifferentiating peritoneal cells, bundles of intermediate filament split into short fragments.