dedicated file server

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(computer science) a file server that can be used only as a file server

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Additionally, the router is virtually silent, reduces power consumption and emits much less heat in comparison to a dedicated file server.
The Premium package features a Virtual Dedicated Terminal Server, Virtual Dedicated File Server with SharePoint Foundation, and redundant Active Directory Controllers.
com)-- Infinitely Virtual, a rapidly expanding provider of high quality and affordable virtual server technology, is developing a new product, Virtual Terminal Server - Premium, and will feature the combined benefits of their Virtual Terminal Server, Active Directory, and a dedicated file server.
It's a reliable solution which overcomes limits on performance, availability and functionality found in traditional servers because it is a dedicated file server.
Dick was founding VP of Marketing at dedicated file server pioneer Auspex Systems and founding VP of Marketing and Sales for Bridge Communications (3Com).
CommVault has seamlessly integrated its innovative storage management capabilities with Network Appliance's dedicated file server appliances, known as "filers.
According to Wentworth President Jim Doar, "We looked at general-purpose servers, but none were as fast as Augment's dedicated file server.
Compact Devices is a pioneer in the rapidly emerging dedicated file server appliance market and is distinguished by its MicroServer Technology that delivers network file access servers with industry-leading price/performance and ease-of-management.
To access K-AShare, a Macintosh user opens the Chooser, logs in, and selects AppleShare volumes just as if the volumes were on an Apple dedicated file server.
Since large volumes of users accessing information can reduce the main file server's performance, CMS has designed the CD-ROM tower to function with its own dedicated file server.
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