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Synonyms for decumbent

Synonyms for decumbent

lying down

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Integument: Body surface dull, roughly punctate; antennal segments I to III densely tuberculate; antennal segments I to IV, legs, and abdominal sterna clothed with short, semidecumbent to decumbent, silvery, bristlelike setae.
Margin with dense row of larger squamules; the two longitudinal ridge and anterior margin with erect, posterior margin with posteriorly decumbent squamules.
Stems decumbent or creeping (never erect); roots few to non-existent; megaspores nearly smooth S.
The cultivar TBIO Sintonia, conversely, exhibits higher tillering capacity and more decumbent leaves, resulting in greater soil coverage.
The two species are prostrate or decumbent small herbs (up to 25 cm), but can reach bigger sizes in more favorable habitats (Jongbloed, 2003).
At the end of the swarm, however, the individuals landed on the ground with their antennal fibrillae decumbent.
Similar to mulching, cultivating plants, having decumbent growing habits which satisfactorily breed between rows of citrus crops and under canopies of citrus plants in all rusticity can have an adverse effect on the pathogen cycle, since they could accelerate decomposition of fallen leaves and consequently hinder the formation and spread of G.
Thallus subpseudoparenchymatous, wiry, forming entangled and decumbent mats, up to 3 cm high.
All Parodiolyra species are perennial, growing in erect clumps, sometimes slightly decumbent or recurved, with rarely branched culms and symmetrical, lanceolate to broadly oval leaf blades (Oliveira and Longhi-Wagner, 2001).
Thorax: Pronotum: anterior margin noticeably separated from remainder of pronotum; each pronotal callus with weakly developed tubercles, divided by shallow incision; anterior lobe also with two obtuse tubercles, each contiguous with lateral margin of each callus; anterior lobe covered with irregular, long, decumbent setae; posterior lobe more shiny than anterior lobe, almost devoid of setae, with weakly developed swelling medially, reaching posterior margin of pronotum.
sectio Repentia Main axis procumbent Yoshida or decumbent forming secondary haptera on the ventral face; primary axes branched on the dorsal face of main axis; receptacles compressed to flattened.
Stems decumbent or ascending from base; rachis of raceme with spreading trichomes; Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru L.
(1999) reported that bahiagrass (Paspalum notatum Flugge) varieties with a more upright growth habit and smaller basal diameter were less persistent under continuous stocking than more decumbent types.