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  • verb

Synonyms for decrypt

to find the key to (a code, for example)

Synonyms for decrypt

convert code into ordinary language

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possible to decrypt with a reasonable chance of success.
Lastly, the eavesdropping attack exploits the vulnerability caused by failure to consider the security function in the design of a USB interface so as to bypass authentication by obtaining the password and password hint transferred between the flash drive and the host, extorts the data by obtaining the transferred encryption/decryption key, and then decrypts the encrypted data [6].
The method can achieve a higher embedding capacity and better quality of decrypted images than previous ESRDH methods.
Chapel Hill, NC, November 23, 2016 --( ApexSQL, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a major provider of Microsoft SQL Server solutions, announced the release of a new product - ApexSQL Decrypt 2017.
said it has released Elcomsoft Password Digger, a Windows tool to decrypt the content of Mac OS X keychains.
(2) Make use of the RSA public key to decrypt the encrypted summary [2].
The Key Management Component is the complete set of operations to create, maintain, and control the keys necessary to encrypt and decrypt data.
The researchers say that they have used the so-called BioVault infrastructure to provide a safe and secure way for "Alice" and "Bill" to share biometric tokens, and so use their fingerprints, iris pattern, or other biometric to encrypt and decrypt their data without their biometrics being intercepted.
(4) These decrypts provided valuable up-to-date weather assessments of the proposed invasion sites, as the success of amphibious assaults was (and still is) extremely dependent on weather.
"But, the CAU is not dedicated to the Ethernet controller, so developers can use it to encrypt and decrypt data from anywhere to anywhere; flash memory, a hard drive and so on," said Bettelheim.
The appliance encrypts all data going to storage, and decrypts data going back to the applications as it monitors all file access attempts.
At the heart of Malkin's account are breathless allegations of widespread Japanese-American treason grounded primarily in the "MAGIC decrypts"--Japanese diplomatic cables that American military intelligence intercepted and decoded.
Based in Cheltenham, GCHQ intercepts and decrypts information from overseas and keeps our own Government's information secret.
The sender encrypts the message using the symmetric key, and the recipient decrypts the message with the same key.
When received by another Encryption Plus Secure Export 5.0 user, the package decrypts automatically by using public- private key technology.