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Synonyms for decryption

the activity of making clear or converting from code into plain text

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'Our TLS Decryption solution enables users to easily decrypt data when and where it's needed and supports the latest encryption protocols and ciphers.
For LWE-based encryption scheme, its decryption has the form [??]< c, s > mod q[??] mod 2 where c encrypt plaintext bit m [member of] {0,1} under the secret key s.
Abu, Asaduzzaman, Deepthi Gummadi, & Puskar Waichal (2015) A Promising ParallelAlgorithm to Manage the RSA Decryption Complexity In: Proceeding of the IEEE Southeast Con 2015, April 9-12, 2015 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
compelled decryption, and presents the cases according to a new taxonomy
The encryption test is performed by uploading an encrypted XML file to a site that provides the RC4 file decryption feature.
Comelec Spokesman James Jimenez said that based on the estimate of their Election and Records Statistics Department (ERSD), the whole decryption process will take approximately one month.
The various technologies include a data encryption/ decryption technology designed to prevent leakages of original data, a technology for preventing arbitrary data copying to control access to the data, and a data erasure technology for protecting a flash drive from data leakage after a loss.
The second step is squashing the decryption circuit associated with an arbitrary ciphertext to obtain a low enough degree polynomial in the ciphertext bits and the secret key bits, which can be homomorphically evaluated by SHE scheme (called bootstrappable scheme).
The user has 96 hours to undergo the process of paying for the decryption key.
The following is the operation of the decryption process occurs when i=1 to i=n
Prasad said operations of Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) Mumbai were partially affected by the Petya ransomware and decryption tools for some of the ransomware are available which allows users to decrypt their unusable/encrypted files.
A decryption key is generated, that the attacker promises to give you when the ransom has been paid, usually in bitcoins.
It then displays a notice to users that a Bitcoin ransom must be paid in order to get the decryption key.
(NYSE: GIMO) has expanded to its GigaSECURE SSL/TLS Decryption solution, with new inline capabilities, bringing enhanced visibility into encrypted data-in-motion, the company said.