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  • verb

Synonyms for decrypt

to find the key to (a code, for example)

Synonyms for decrypt

convert code into ordinary language

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'The revision proceedings for the remaining ballot boxes and decrypted ballot images will continue on January 28, 2019,' PET said, denying reports that the recount has been indefinitely suspended.
The former senator also said the decrypted ballot images are not faithful images of the paper used during the 2016 elections because of the presence of squares on the oval intended for Robredo.
the entering of a password or the production of the decrypted contents
The process decrypts the file system header encrypted with the hash value of the PW received in the authentication process and compares the received ID and the decrypted ID.
In this paper, we propose an improved ESRDH method using code division multiplexing (CDM) and value expansion (VE), in which the traditional CDM technology is utilized to achieve lossless visual quality of decrypted signals, and VE technology is designed according to the RDH method based on DE for further increasing the embedding capacity.
Of the leaked data, 6.6 million users had password hashes which can be theoretically decrypted using brute force algorithms, the Gurugram- based company said in its blog.
The absolute value of the output of (3) turns out the decrypted image DI(x, y) = OI(x, y).
Cloud acquisition requires entering the correct Apple ID and password, while encrypted backups can be automatically decrypted once the correct password is supplied.
Let c be the ciphertext to be decrypted, where [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]
In classical schemes, the ciphertext data therefore needs to be decrypted entirely before any useful operations can be done on it.
It has been on the page for over a month now and a Reddit user finally decrypted the code.
Moreover, it can only be opened or decrypted with this folder encryption software.
These were decrypted after Ali MA's arrest by FranceA's intelligence services in July 20.