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"Once we decriminalize it it enhances the dealer on the corner because if I'm selling weed, all you're getting is a $50 traffic ticket," Senate President Stephen Sweeney, D-3rd District, said in a recent editorial board meeting with the USA Today Network New Jersey.
This is the unofficial, official victory," said Kevin Matthews, the head of Decriminalize Denver, which headed the initiative, ( the Los Angeles Times reported.
The initiative would effectively decriminalize use or possession of psilocybin by people 21 and older, making it the lowest enforcement priority for police and prosecutors.
Quintal welcomed government's quest to decriminalize speech offenses but said there were still concerns that journalists can be affected by civil suits with very high damages.
Jason Isaac, R-Dripping Springs, said he thinks the Legislature could decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana next year, especially after several states did so on Election Day.
In a vote of eight to three, the National Supreme Court of Mexico ruled that the State is not obligated to protect life from the moment of conception, backing the 2007 law that decriminalizes voluntary abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
Bailey's whole point is that Canada can decriminalize polygamy without endorsing what "fundamentalist Mormons" or Islamic immigrants actually do.
as the court seems to believe, because foreign nations decriminalize [homosexual] conduct." Scalia further elaborated on this issue when he told the American Society of International Law that citing foreign cases in U.S.
Her organization works to decriminalize marijuana but doesn't condone its use by teenagers.
Navy's efforts to detect heroin, sweat patch testing, and proposals to decriminalize heroin in order to forstall deaths from impure drugs.
At the minimum we should change our policy to "decriminalize and discourage" if not outright legalize all these substances.
One glaring example is in California, the first state to decriminalize medical use of marijuana, and the place where the hemp industry was born.
Denver will head to polls on Tuesday, May 7, to decide whether to decriminalize the use of  'magic mushrooms' in the city.
Here's the first video in a two-part series over the debate to decriminalize truancy in Texas.