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Jason Isaac, R-Dripping Springs, said he thinks the Legislature could decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana next year, especially after several states did so on Election Day.
That's because Bailey would not only decriminalize polygamy, she would also allow all parties to intact polygamous marriages to immigrate to Canada.
In her plan to decriminalize prostitution, she said it should be run as in Nevada, where the women are protected from pimps and are regularly tested for sexually transmitted diseases.
The Paris-based International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) will launch a global campaign in November for a United Nations resolution to decriminalize homosexuality worldwide.
Ottawa -- Bill C-7, dating back to the Jean Chretien government, intends to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana.
Some critics see Canada's attempt to decriminalize marijuana as a lame attempt to encourage more people to sample local cuisine.
I'd like to see them decriminalize first offense DUIs because there are a lot of innocent people convicted based on questionable evidence, such as faulty breath testers.
I am most concerned about any efforts to decriminalize narcotics, which I believe will exacerbate an already troubling situation in America," Hastert wrote to Soros.
com/which-states-will-legalize-marijuana-next-texas-virginia-consider-decriminalizing-pot-2450540) decriminalize possession of the plant entirely, asking for charges to be reduced to a smaller civil infraction fine for just $250 instead of offenders having to face jail time and a criminal record.
While only a small number of states have made marijuana legal, many are tinkering with ways to decriminalize possession of small amounts of the illegal substance.
Other groups that were the recipients of grants included the Canadian National Coalition of Experiential Women, which received $322,646 while actively campaigning to decriminalize solicitation for prostitution, and the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, which received $150,000.
These propositions also contain features that legalize or decriminalize marijuana and other drugs.
While nine states were voting to legalize medical or recreational pot on Tuesday, Ohio made some major moves for marijuana, too, when residents in several communities voted to decriminalize possession charges.
New Delhi, Sep 17 (ANI): The Union Cabinet on Thursday, decided to ask Attorney General G E Vahanavati to assist the Supreme Court in arriving at an opinion on Delhi High Court's verdict to decriminalize consensual sex among consenting adults.
Then, in early November 2004, the same committee urged overwhelmingly-Muslim Morocco to decriminalize abortion.