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legislation that makes something legal that was formerly illegal

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The House of Delegates has given preliminary approval to its version of the decriminalization legislation.
Members of the Philippine press have long rallied for the decriminalization of libel, a law that has been carried over from 1932.
Of course, the $64,000 question is this: Does Schumer's decriminalization bill have a chance of passage in the Senate and/or House?
Last year the same BMA meeting agreed to do some research into decriminalization of abortion and a 52 page briefing document was produced.
Motivations to cultivate cannabis could be induced by the decriminalization of personal use and possession of cannabis.
The seminar aimed to make a substantial contribution to the efforts of the Turkmenistan's Government as the country has recently declared its initiatives on humanization and decriminalization of the administration of criminal justice.
In February 2014, city council members preliminarily approved a decriminalization bill that replaces criminal penalties for possession of an ounce or less of marijuana with a $25 civil fine.
For these reasons the significance of decriminalization becomes highlighted.
According to them, the previous law did journalists justice more considering it made it clear that those reporting what has previously been said in public by someone else will not be punished for slander, which, in their view, is not the case with the present law on decriminalization of defamation.
Daut Dauti comments for Dnevnik that Macedonian journalists led a war for decriminalization of the slander for several years and now with a draft-law on media, but somewhere along the way the case "Kezarovski" caught them unprepared.
The reports, compiled by a team of experts from each of the member states, analyze the state of drug trafficking in the region and put forward various scenarios that illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of following different paths, including decriminalization and legalization.
Other South American countries, tired of US haranguing to slow the supply side, could follow in Washington's and Colorado's decriminalization footsteps: A left-wing politician in Mexico is set to introduce legislation to regulate marijuana consumption; Uruguay is reexamining the state's role in regulating cannabis cultivation.
According to the United Nations Global Commission on Drugs (2011, p.3), "The global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world." The report describes recent experiments with decriminalization and advocates a shift in policy from criminal sanctions to legal regulation.
According to her, the first issue is the set of laws referring to elections, which are largely harmonized with the OSCE/ODIHR recommendations; the second is the law on decriminalization of defamation and libel, which is harmonized with the Council of Europe; and the third is the report referring to the Ohrid Framework Agreement implementation.