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Foreigners still risk being imprisoned for bouncing cheques in the United Arab Emirates, as a government order which decriminalises the offence applies only to local citizens, an official statement said.
The 66-year-old said that Mrs Branson brandished a newspaper cutting of the Virgin boss throwing his weight behind efforts to decriminalise marijuana use.
While not wishing to get bogged down in semantics I would, rather than decriminalise drug use, see the availability of drugs through the NHS expanded.
Home Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin also disclosed yesterday that most of the 70,000 prisoners in the country were addicts, explaining the government's move to decriminalise drug use and instead focus on rehabilitation programmes.
"Somehow we have to decriminalise some aspects of drugs use.
"I know the argument about shifting the emphasis away from criminality towards health concerns, but the issues are extremely complex and I'm not convinced that organised criminals will go away if you decriminalise drugs."
In effect, what they've said is that because they can't deal with it they'll just decriminalise it.
'There is a debate about whether you decriminalise cannabis or legalise it and I am against it,' he said.
Summary: New Delhi (India) Apr 29 (ANI): The Supreme Court on Monday issued a notice to Election Commission of India (ECI) and Centre (Union of India) in connection with a plea seeking to decriminalise complaint on malfunctioning of VVPAT/EVM.
If those kind of things were halted, we would find it hard" Tory Lord Carnarvon, owner of Highclere Castle where Downton Abbey was filmed, on why the UK should remain in the EU "My predominant mood is one of anxiety - and though I have tried sport, eating, drinking, jogging and sex, nothing calms me down like having a think" Philosopher Alain de Botton "Man says we should decriminalise a known violence against women.
Yesterday, Nick Clennett, head of transport and highways at Gateshead Council, which is planning to apply to decriminalise parking before the end of the year, said: "During the last 15 years, we have seen how decriminalised parking enforcement has been implemented around the country and, hopefully, we can now put together a scheme which will avoid most of the problems other councils have encountered."
Pressure on the Government to review its drugs policy has increased in recent weeks amid calls by various MPs to decriminalise all illegal drugs.
IF the Home Office is refusing to decriminalise drug possession, stating "drugs are illegal because they are harmful - they destroy lives and cause untold misery", then why are two drugs, tobacco and alcohol, legitimate?
"The UK welcomes the Supreme Court's decision to decriminalise Section 377.
One is to decriminalise just soft drugs, the other is all drugs.