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the crackling or breaking up of certain crystals when they are heated

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This tends to confirm that the electrode decrepitation is mainly induced by the abrupt volume variation related to the formation/disappearance of the [Li.
Jiangsu Lithium Carbonate PlantThe following key process steps are involved in the conversion of spodumene to lithium carbonate:- Decrepitation - rotary kiln- Sulphating roast and leaching- Precipitation and Ion exchange- Lithium carbonate crystallisation- Sodium sulphate crystallisation- 17,000 tpa battery grade lithium carbonate production- Sales of 1 tonne lots in 25kg bags of product through the port of Zhangjiagang to Japan, Korea and Europe- Sales of 1 tonne lots in 25kg bags of product within ChinaFeed PreparationDecrepitation is an essential prerequisite for the hydrometallurgical processing of spodumene ore.
La ferme de Geffosses, jadis lieu de divertissement, se trouve, elle aussi, dans un etat de deperissement et de decrepitation.
Re-enchanted aging moves away from the idea of aging as a depressing and declining trajectory leading to individual incapacitation and decrepitation and the view that old people are a burden on society.
Because of the low abundance of fluid inclusions in the amethyst overgrowths, the amount of water obtained from the inclusions by thermal decrepitation was less than ideal.