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Synonyms for decoy

Synonyms for decoy

a beguiler who leads someone into danger (usually as part of a plot)

something used to lure fish or other animals into danger so they can be trapped or killed

lure or entrap with or as if with a decoy

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The old gentleman could not be decoyed outside of his grounds at night.
Having strengthened his party with such valuable recruits, he felt in some measure consoled for the loss of the Delaware Indians, decoyed from him by Mr Fontenelle.
Mr Abel, who was one of the simplest and most retiring creatures in existence, and naturally timid withal, hesitated; for he had heard of people being decoyed into strange places to be robbed and murdered, under circumstances very like the present, and, for anything he knew to the contrary, by guides very like the Marchioness.
"Deceived, decoyed, inveighed, in order to be made a laughing-stock before the most debased of all mankind, that woman and her associates." This was really a meditation.
They decoyed his whale-boat ashore with a promise of recruits, and killed all hands.
Felicity and Cecily went into the house and Sara Ray and the Story Girl went home, but Peter decoyed me into the granary to ask advice.
What was it - madness, a nightmare, or a trap into which he had been decoyed with fiendish artfulness?
He was terrified at the rapidity with which he had been involved in such dangers - decoyed into it.
Or else decoyed. Even as I have been decoyed into this awful, this death-haunted command.
Montana Decoy has added a new turkey decoy to its arsenal, this one with the help of turkey hunting addict Tom Wiley, owner of Professional Marketing Incorporated.
In their journey towards creating decoy platelets, the research team used a detergent treatment and centrifugation to strip natural human platelets of their inner structures and remove their basic activation and aggregation abilities.
Available mid-January 2019 from Montana Decoy is the Wiley Tom turkey reaping decoy ($89.99).
The urge of novice waterfowlers is to discharge every decoy in the bag with little calculation as to why and when decoys are effective.
Where's the deer decoy? Most bowhunters have heard of them, and even seen them used on TV hunts, but they aren't using one themselves.
His father worked at Wildfowler Decoys, based on Long Island, and was one of the first members of the Long Island Decoy Collectors Association.