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Synonyms for decouple

disconnect or separate


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eliminate airborne shock waves from (an explosive)

reduce or eliminate the coupling of (one circuit or part to another)

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Unlike disk margins that were determined channel by channel separately, multiloop disk margin were calculated based on full system including the controller, the decoupler, and the plant where interferences were put into consideration between the two feedback channels with the worst direction.
In Section 4, a new MIMO brain emotional learning model is introduced and utilized to work as a decoupler for the two-coupled distillation columns.
The [sup.13]C NMR spectrum of benzene with proton decoupling is measured as the decoupler radiofrequency offset was varied from 2 to 12 ppm with respect to TMS.
The display, which is 12 inches wide, 27 inches high, and 6 inches deep, can be placed on a countertop or mounted to a wall and features a drive system replica including a serpentine belt, crank pulley, automatic belt tensioner, idler pulley, water pump/fan pulley, alternator/alternator decoupler pulley, and power steering pulley.
The flow rates in the primary and secondary loops are kept independent by means of the decoupler line, which allows the secondary loop circulation pumps to vary their speed to match the demand.
Designing and implementing manufacturing cells requires many engineering skills including machine design (ergonomics and safety), tooling design (rapid load/unload and quick changing), cutting tool design, process design (so machining times are less than cycle times), poka-yoke and decoupler designs (for zero defects and operator assistance and materials handling).
Arsenate is a well-known decoupler of phosphorylation in mitochondria [66] and can inhibit leaf uptake of other chemicals [56], which may cause ultimate decrease in plant growth.
* A mechanical decoupler between the motor and encoder shaft that protects the encoder from mechanical vibrations.
One swift kick to the stick, and you can roll the automatic roller detent decoupler (ARDD) on the D model or break a shear pin on the A model.
La << methode des moments >> est un moyen efficace de decoupler ces deux aspects car elle permet a priori de calculer les valeurs des parametres entrant en jeu.
The first component is due to the "prompt" (during the proton pulse) capture of neutrons in the borated poly decoupler or in the water reflector.
To measure energy use and economic benefits of variable primary flow chilled water systems, ARTI conducted an extensive study that compared these systems' energy use with that of other common system types, including: constant flow/ primary only chilled water systems; constant primary flow/variable secondary flow chilled water systems; and primary/secondary chilled water systems with a check valve installed in the decoupler.
non comme un couple chic, separes, les bras ballants, mais bras dessus bras dessous, bien croches, bien serres l'un contre l'autre; on sentait que la mort seule pourrait les decoupler. Et c'etaient des comediens, de ces ames futiles et vaniteuses [...].
Not only does this setup function as a limited-slip rear differential, but it can do extra duty as the center differential in a four-wheel-drive system, eliminating the need for a transfer case or decoupler between front and rear axles.
Dipolar dephasing (DD) experiments (Wilson 1987) were performed by applying the ramped cross polarisation technique and inserting a dipolar dephasing delay ([t.sub.dd]) during which the [sup.1.H] decoupler was turned off between the cross polarisation and acquisition portions of the CPMAS pulse sequence.