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Synonyms for decouple

disconnect or separate


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eliminate airborne shock waves from (an explosive)

reduce or eliminate the coupling of (one circuit or part to another)

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The reactions from America and Taiwan demonstrate how impossible it is to decouple U.S.-Chinese relations as well as Chinese-Taiwan relations.
In doing so, a firm will be able to decouple from the undesirable effects of regulation while protecting the core operating routines.
In this paper, a decoupling function as given in (7a) and (7b) will be developed to decouple the crosstalk algorithmically.
Thereby, in order to achieve accurate, rapid, and independent control, it is essential to decouple among these variables and take the related methods.
At this point it's important to note that material requirements planning (MRP) systems aren't designed to decouple. They are designed to make everything dependent.
Even for the incident wave inclined to the azimuth plane, the new compensation method can decouple the terminal voltages and provide direction estimations with high accuracy.
To decouple environmental impacts from economy growth is one of the main targets for the Countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) (Juknys et al.
Based on the public review, there was a need to decouple the 'U' and 'G' ratings.
Since this level of consumption is unsustainable, the only solution is to decouple' economic growth from the consumption of natural resources by using the latter more efficiently.
The taxonomy methodology was involved in the approach to address and decouple the interactions among different faults.
A leading example of this has been global and regional efforts to decouple economic growth from sulphur dioxide pollution, and hence acid rain, through first the 1983 Helsinki Protocol and then the United Nations Economic Commission of Europe Second Sulphur Protocol in 1994.
"Decouple this!", was the headline of a report by Unicredit last month, a day after European markets posted their biggest drop for six years.
[.sup.19.F] [right arrow] [.sup.13.C] and [.sup.1.H] [right arrow] [.sup.13.C] CP Experiments With [.sup.19.F] and [.sup.1.H] Decouple
and Canada to "decouple" (or sever the link) between commodity program payments and land or other input use, attempted to protect prairie species and certain parts of the prairie ecosystem (Ogg and van Kooten, 2005).