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Synonyms for decouple

disconnect or separate


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eliminate airborne shock waves from (an explosive)

reduce or eliminate the coupling of (one circuit or part to another)

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Carbon Brief concludes that slightly less that 20% of the countries decouple strongly their C[O.
A controller is synthesized to decouple the half-car suspension into independent front and rear quarter-car suspensions, by controlling the yielded unsprung mass damper forces in response to the online measured pitch angular acceleration.
Control points don't decouple lead times; they seek to better manage execution inside the lead-time horizons in which they are directly involved.
Because of this confusion, it was desirable to remove the FVH and BVH contributions to the 'U' rating and base it only on uplight, which ultimately decouples the 'UG' rating.
So, how to eliminate the impact of refrigerant charge level faults on the UA value is critical to decouple the condenser fouling fault from other faults.
The goal is to first 'relatively' decouple the trends and then 'absolutely' decouple them; however, it is unreasonable to expect that the environmental pressures will reduce to zero.
They can fail to decouple an integrated value chain and begin selling components into the open marketplace after improved technological understanding resolves the unpredictable interdependencies that earlier had been the mandate for integration.
The size of the cavity needed to fully decouple a nuclear explosion depends on the size of the bomb, the depth of the cavern, and the material into which the cavity has been mined.
why some firms acquiesce by actually implementing stock repurchase programs, while others decouple formally adopted repurchase programs from actual corporate investments, so that the plans remain more symbolic than substantive.
The proposed technique is used to decouple a closely mounted (0.
It is this, rather than a greater depth of global financial markets, that is the basis of the hope that this time the emerging markets will be able to decouple themselves from the prospective tightening of U.
For example, in FIGURE 6, a 47 nF capacitor is used to decouple low frequencies while a 150 pF capacitor decouples high frequencies.
The Job Creation and Workers Assistance Act of 2002 (PL 107-147) has motivated a rush to decouple certain state tax provisions from their treatment under the IRC not seen since the passage of the Economic Recovery Tax Act (ERTA PL 97-34) introduced the accelerated cost recovery system (ACRS).