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removal of the outer covering of an organ or part

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the newly formed bone, comparing two different carriers for rhBMP- 2, using the decortication and nondecorticatication surgical technique in Wistar rat mandibles, evaluated by optical densitometry method.
A total of 2500 excavated flakes from Alega were classified into four categories: primary decortication flakes (with 100% cortex), secondary decortication (with occasional cortex), polished flakes, and reduction flakes (normal flakes).
In a review of all adult cases of postpneumonic empyema [defined as a pus-containing pleural effusion] requiring decortication at her center between April 1997 and December 2004, Dr.
Doctors were expected to perform the new procedure, known as a decortication.
The former president will stay in hospital for three to 10 days after the procedure, which is known as a decortication and requires general anaesthesia.
The surgery, known as decortication, was described as 'low risk' and was needed by less than one per cent of coronary bypass cases.
The former president will remain in hospital for three to 10 days after the procedure, which is known as a decortication and requires general anaesthesia.
Results showed that decortication let to a loss of protein, fiber, fat, ash, tannin content and minerals.
In addition, large grain size (mass) improves processing quality of the grain, increasing the ease of decortication and improving flour yield with both commercial milling and handpounding milling methods (Rooney and McDonough, 1987).
The study further points out that cottonseed cake produced through decortication and mechanical extraction of its oil, contains about 36 per cent crude protein which is best protein supplement for livestock.
For example, if a mill employs two or three qualified liquorers (tasters) in a well equipped laboratory or liquoring room with adequate numbers of support staff (persons responsible for the receipt, recording, decortication, grading, sorting and roasting of samples), it is normally possible to classify around 50 samples per day.
We retrospectively evaluated the results of Harmonic Scalpel (Ethicon, Cincinnati, Ohio) used for laparoscopic decortication of simple renal cysts (SRC).
The longest console time was 100 min and this patient also operated due to bronchogenic cyst and decortication. The mean operating time was 75 [+ or -] 29.5 min.
The study examined computed tomography evidence of fusion at 12 and 24 months following SI joint fusion performed with decortication and bone grafting.