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to remove the skin of

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remove the outer layer of

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Caption: Figure 3: (a and b) Particulate alloplastic bone substitute was placed in the decorticated area and sutures were placed
A multicellular cortex is found immediately internal to the unicellular epidermis; as with other stem fiber crops, removal of the cortex in "decortication" is a key initial step in fiber extraction (a partly decorticated hemp stem is shown in Fig.
The concentrate feed mixture consisted of corn grains 60%, wheat bran 10%, cottonseed meal decorticated 15%, linseed meal 11%, molasses 2%, di-calcium phosphate 1%, salt 1%.
After the wheat seed samples were dried and decorticated indoors, the wheat grains were subjected to an ultrasonic cleaning; then they were washed with deionized water three times, roasted in an oven at 80[degrees]C to a constant weight, and smashed after cooling down.
Before adapting block grafts (fig 5) to their recipient sites, underlying bone was decorticated and perforated with small round bur to increase revascularization and to improve graft survival.12 Blocks were secured each with two titanium alloy fixation screws (GBR-SystemA, Straumann Dental, Basel, Switzerland)
Vertical incisions are to be made at least one tooth away from the area to be decorticated. Decortication lines and points are made for up to 0.5 mm depth.
Sabillon-Galeas et al., "Detrimental effect of increasing sugar concentrations on ethanol production from maize or decorticated sorghum mashes fermented with Saccharomyces cerevisiae or Zymomonas mobilis," Biotechnology Letters, vol.
Seeds were decorticated and achenes were stored at room temperature (23 [+ or -] 2[degrees]C) before use.
A comparison of maize with other starchy substrates, such as sorghum and decorticated sorghum, has been reported extensively in the literature [19, 20].
The decorticated pieces were macerated in a sterile mortar and pestle using 2 mL of sterile 1X PBS.
If definitive fusion was required, autologous iliac crest cancellous bone was placed over the decorticated surfaces and wired into position (Fig.1).
This indicates that the fibers were well decorticated but not fully, and the fibers were not pure cellulose.
It is available both in the whole pod and as decorticated seeds with the outer hull removed.