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  • verb

Synonyms for decorate

pin a medal on


  • pin a medal on
  • give a medal to
  • cite
  • confer an honour on or upon

Synonyms for decorate

to furnish with decorations

Synonyms for decorate

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Doorhangers are another great way to decorate any room in the house, even the bathroom if you feel so inclined.
Mark Kelly, marketing manager at, said: "It's understandable that Britons choose to decorate the rooms in their home so regularly.
Top 10 clutterbusting tips How to clear clutter in five minutes a day 2 DECORATE WITH WHAT YOU HAVE Before you dash out to the craft store or decorating shop, pay a visit to the attic or storage room.
* How to frost and decorate each of the three cupcake characters in the challenge: the Frankie Fish, Ravenous Rose, and the Charlie Chipmunk.
For extra spectacle, make sure your kids decorate the baskets too!
Ahmad Saif Allah, a 33-year-old Iranian and a car decorations shop owner has been in the business for a while, this is what he had to say about UAE national day decorations, "I decorate cars for all kinds of celebrations, for this anniversary in particular the most expensive decorations I've designed so far cost Dh7000 because the customer requested to decorate the entire car, but normally the cost starts at Dh400," however Ahmed pointed out that the demand for car decorations is less than it was last year, "I'm not sure why that is, but perhaps the closer we get to the national day things will pick up," said Ahmad.
The sessions are PS1 for each child to decorate a biscuit and a cake and have a drink of squash.
With the start of summer and the wedding season, many grooms and brides decorate their cars with flowers and different colors of spray blocking up to 80 percent of car windows.
While adults wondered how they could possibly decorate without lights, the children did what they had always done--decorated with construction paper, garland and paints.
Second, AQL has purchased and modified several machines that decorate more efficiently and uniquely than elsewhere in the country.
Ninety percent of residents will decorate when moving to an apartment, and of these residents, 81 percent will decorate within the first three months of their move, according to a recent survey conducted by
The company is working on tooling to decorate plastic bottles.
Dried flowers can also be used to decorate lamps, lampshades, strung on mantels, around pictures, mirrors, bedposts, etc.
It happens here because we make it happen: We decorate the house with lights and stars and garlands and a wreath on the door.