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What is behind the mentality in decontrolling an industry, so vital to society's needs?
Owners are hopeful that luxury decontrol will be extended by either: reducing the existing tenant's income level from $250,000 annually to the $150,000 to $200,000 range; or reducing the monthly threshold for an apartment to become deregulated from $2,000 to closer to $1,500; and/or extending luxury decontrol to the decontrolling of all previously stabilized apartments that become vacant and setting the new rate at market.
The New York Daily News recently reported that a panel created by Governor Mario Cuomo to study rent controls may recommend decontrolling apartments for the very wealthy.
In decontrolling and opening the industry to competition, marketing has become the major and essential element.
1st decontrolling the apartment upon expiration of the lease, or March 1 if there is no lease.
* If no response, DHCR will issue order by Dec.1 decontrolling apartment on expiration of lease or March 1 if no lease.
Decontrolling a small number of apartments through luxury decontrol will not serve to balance the inequities imposed upon owners under rent regulation but rather, it leaves owners to struggle under 3 percent and 5 percent per year increases for the great majority of apartments in New York city.
I don't know what you consider reform, but what has been put on the table by the Senate is a system whereby, depending upon your income, depending upon the amount the apartment goes for, that there talking about decontrolling those apartments.
Meanwhile, in Albany, the State Senate has passed a measured decontrolling apartments for tenants whose incomes top $ 100,000 and where the rent goes over $2,000.