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a philosophical theory of criticism (usually of literature or film) that seeks to expose deep-seated contradictions in a work by delving below its surface meaning

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The implicit political value of Gadamer's thought lies in its ability not only to challenge conservative assumptions about the nature of a hermeneutic polity but also to articulate a plausible response to the cultural nihilism implicit with the deconstructive hermeneutics of suspicion.
Their authors have all been formed, to one degree or another, by deconstructive questions and concerns.
Gibson has a lot to say about questions that have traditionally occupied deconstructive critics: epistemology, language, narrative form, and the premises and principles of criticism.
Sargisson's first chapter, called a "theory of transgressive utopianism," is made up of key concepts of form and content drawn from a survey of utopian classics ranging from Plato's Republic to Marge Piercy's Woman on the Edge of Time as compared with concepts of form and content drawn from Green political thought, Feminist political thought, and deconstructive thought.
Drawing upon the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, Michel Foucault, and Jacques Derrida, as well as the deconstructive literary theory of Frederic Jameson, postmodernists repudiate and seek to undermine the entire intellectual tradition of the Enlightenment.
Bessiere's discussion of the rhetorical stakes of a deconstructive view of literature entails some problematic assumptions.
In addition, by criticizing poststructural thought for its focus on a single medium, namely language, Kittler also went beyond his poststructural antecedents in that he explored the production of both hegemonic and deconstructive effects not only in relation to the written text, but also in relation to sound recording, the invention of cinema, and the mechanization of writing through the development of the typewriter.
Andrew Dell' Antonio won the Eva Judd O'Meara Award for the best review published in NOTES for his critique of Deconstructive Variations: Music and Reason in Western Society by Rose Rosengard Subotnik, NOTES 54 (June 1998): 894-97.
Hawthorne's achievement rests, in part, on his own revision of the Puritans, and yet The Scarlet Letter remains politically inert - mainly moral, deconstructive, marked by self-canceling allegory.
Chia's well-written book is a jewel for those interested in the philosophical underpinnings of organization theory, in a thorough reflection on modes of thinking and theorizing about organizations and in organization analysis as deconstructive practice.
In fact there is something of a methodological gap between the theorization in many of the pithy contributions and Frank Paul Bowman's feisty 'essai liminaire' on 'The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Reading Literature in Historical Context' which questions deconstructive manoeuvres by distinguishing between 'the science of interpretation and the art of interpretation' (p.
The critical, deconstructive telos ought to have the possibility of creating a new academic space for making gender studies a genuine source of critical creativity.
takes up some of Derrida's deconstructive strategies as useful tools for feminist criticism in general and for feminist biblical criticism in particular.
xv) Following this deconstructive approach through the polemical sources, Frick reveals an inverse alternative to early modern self-fashioning, for Smotryc'kyj elusively sought to preserve his religious identity from those who wanted to fashion it for him according to the fixed formulas of binary opposition.