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a philosophical theory of criticism (usually of literature or film) that seeks to expose deep-seated contradictions in a work by delving below its surface meaning

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In this sense, the selected point of observation is the deconstructionist approach, an interpretative approach that has received scarce attention in the managerial literature except for few contributions (Cooper, 1989; Martin, 1990; Kilduff, 1993).
Accepting some of the points made by the deconstructionists against the Enlightenment heritage, Garcia proposes the concept of 'the Common' to replace the idea of universal values.
Critique: Exceptionally well written, "Death Comes For The Deconstructionist" clearly documents author Daniel Taylor as having an impressive storytelling talent in general, and a mastery of the mystery/suspense genre in particular.
However, according to Mikics, all Derrida's credibility in this respect was lost during an episode in the 80s in which Derrida's ill-advised defence of his close friend, the former Nazi sympathizer, Paul de Man, demonstrated the impossibility of avoiding the myth of the self as well as highlighting the perils of the deconstructionist method.
The book undertakes contextual readings of each author in an effort to refute the deconstructionist principle of aporia, in which the presence of competing voices within a text is seen to create an interpretive impasse beyond which a critic cannot proceed.
The framing device for this collection of essays (most of them previously published) is Roston's intention to answer deconstructionist claims that contradictory themes in literary works necessarily lead to an aporia or impasse which negates the possibility of meaning.
As the Chicago architect Stanley Tigerman says, we want buildings to please their users, not help architects make a philosophical point--a self-indulgent tendency in 20th-century architecture that reached its reductio ad absurdum with the "deconstructionist" architects, who deliberately designed buildings that no one would want to live in.
It's this kind of deconstructionist humour which has garnered comparisons with Fry and Laurie and Monty Python.
How could the cool Swiss Modernism of the original project suddenly transform into something resembling the deconstructionist forms that Danny Libeskind failed to realise at the Victoria and Albert Museum?
Callo, USNR (Ret.) presents John Paul Jones: America's First Sea Warrior, a biography that eschews both the blind idolization of past accounts and the inaccurately deconstructionist present accounts of Jones' amazing life.
Terms such as modernity, deconstructionist, Keynesian and supply-side theory may not resonate with the average high-school student.
Additionally, one finds strong articles dealing with Black, confessional, death of God, deconstructionist, liberationist, Marxist, narrative, postmodern, process, and Womanist theology.
Finally, given the hostility of deconstructionist critics to historical contextualization, one might ask why they make an appearance in what is, for all its theoretical self-consciousness, an Enlightenment attempt to order and make (new) sense of the past.
But the deconstructionist mysticism differs from the medieval in one key respect: its complete substitution of liberal purposes for God's.
"Nihilism is the one contrast confronting us in the works of postmodern, post-Christian, deconstructionist and liberationist philosophers and theologians.