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a philosophical theory of criticism (usually of literature or film) that seeks to expose deep-seated contradictions in a work by delving below its surface meaning

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Market deconstruction works involving asbestos removal, deconstruction, sorting and disposal of rubble, masonry and fencing.
His conclusion is a familiar one: those who defend deconstruction as a political tactic risk reproducing the cultural shifts of late capitalism: its moral relativism, its willingness to transgress accepted practices, and its dynamism.
Delving into the philosophy of deconstruction skips to the end of a lengthy text in the history of philosophy.
The completed early works and deconstruction works are the first in a series of preparations for the new Al Rayyan stadium, one of the proposed host venues for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, the SC said in a statement.
The Deconstruction is a live streamed global event and game about re-thinking objects and ideas.
LVI has built expertise in environmental remediation, deconstruction and decommissioning and emergency response, which are its primary service areas, while NCM has a track record in demolition, dismantling, asset and scrap recovery, remediation and disaster response, the firms note.
He examines the strategy of reconstruction instigated by Derrida, the reception of Derrida's thought, his partial exit from phenomenology, deconstruction and what has been called the "Gay Science of Indeterminacy," passages and departures toward the other, the deconstruction of the "fraternal other" and "the original valley of the other," the gifts and politics as well as the ethics of responsibility of the other, violence toward the other in terms of religion and forgiveness, and the ends of Man and self- reflexivity.
Thereafter, deconstruction work of the flats was sequentially completed floor by floor using MGL Demolition's Liebherr 954 highreach machine.
The firm has been working with representatives from the state of Michigan and cities of Detroit and Highland Park, to finalise plans for the development of deconstruction and renewable energy capabilities.
Deconstruction will be available throughout the brewery's ten state distribution region in 750 mL cork and cage finished bottles.
Malabou is drawing a road map of sorts which she hopes other women can follow, a set of interventions, a model of resistance against the deconstruction of the feminine and, against, or at least a way out of, the intellectual work of Deconstruction itself.
In the deconstruction of the California state standards for trigonometry, linear algebra and mathematical analysis for the Cal-PASS (California Partnership for Achieving Student Success) Content Standards Deconstruction projects, it became apparent that terms were used for which no definition was given.
has been selected the host city for DECON' 11, a national conference of the Building Materials Reuse Association (BMRA) which focuses on increasing the reuse and recycling of materials made available through the deconstruction of buildings.
Therefore Derrida and the deconstruction enterprise become very significant in our quest to answer the student's interrogative.