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interpret (a text or an artwork) by the method of deconstructing

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Jazzy's colourful shades found a true companion in N by Natalie's off-shoulder, deconstructed chemise.
Much like hipster cafes, they have a deconstructed parfait on their menu.
"We basically completely deconstructed all of our songs, replayed them and re-orchestrated them all with brass, strings and a gospel choir.
In 'Nevermind: You, deconstructed', R R Deehan offers a short series of easy thought experiments that anybody can perform from the comfort of their own armchair.
In "Nevermind: You, Deconstructed," R R Deehan offers a short series of easy thought experiments that anybody can perform from the comfort of their own armchair.
Hit Songs Deconstructed (HSD) is a database featuring in-depth reports on hit songwriting trends and techniques used to craft today's hits.
In "We Once Were", he has deconstructed Batman and Robin, and painted birds that seem to be dead or just playing dead.
"Latitude 48 is nice balanced IPA," concluded Gregg Glaser, "but I think some of the Deconstructed variations are even better than the final blend."
Buildings and bridges in the GCC are being demolished or deconstructed long before their potential lifespans are over due to poor planning and hasty construction, according to an expert.
Phelps, 23, who is the ambassador for Omega, was at the flagship opening of OMEGA New York Flagship Boutique on April 22, where he deconstructed the timepiece with guidance from the watchmakers.
And 2) is any organization modifying the "deconstructed" windows and doors into energy-efficient windows and doors?
Recently, Radco successfully managed numerous turnaround projects including a condominium project it "deconstructed" to an all-suites hotel in Atlanta, GA; a 37-story condominium project in Chicago, IL; and an 18-story mixed-use development in Boston, MA.
He reminds us that the "name God may be the incognito of the event, as surely as the event may be the incognito of God." For while he has long deconstructed the high modernisms of the death of God, refuting Taylor's claim that deconstruction is the hermeneutics of the death of God, there is no weakening of the radicality of deconstruction and its deconstruction of authority and its authors: "the death of the author the death of God, is the narrow gate through which we reach the kingdom of God.
"All of the constructs around social stigmas are deconstructed here," Daunic says.
The convergence of the two disciplines and the way they influence each other are themes that have gained currency over the past three decades--ever since Frank Gehry deconstructed his Santa Monica house and the Japanese iconoclasts Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo defied the dictates of Paris with their ready-to-wear collections of tattered, shredded garments.