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divested of consecration

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The old church was deconsecrated in 2006; in 2009, the vestry of St.
It is drawing overflowing crowds to its monthly services at the Nave, a deconsecrated church in the northern part of the city, reports New York Daily News.
Larger than life, [Hugo] was almost larger than death: half a million people, the biggest funeral attendance since the death of Napoleon, followed his cortege to the freshly deconsecrated Pantheon, a building he detested and compared to a sponge cake.
The building was dedicated to Bainbridge in 1882, but was deconsecrated in the 1940s.
Last February, Sadie Frost, Welsh singer Marina Diamandis and US rock star Juliette Lewis filled the front row at his London show, which saw models storm out in darkness from behind the altar of an enormous deconsecrated church.
Many of the 326 known monuments (140 of them carved) were deconsecrated or desecrated, reused in construction, revenerated as 'old stones' bereft of their original meaning, and in some cases still venerated today.
Deconsecrated in the 19th century, the church functioned as a surprisingly serviceable municipal theatre for over 100 years, before being reconverted to meet the more serious demands of a museum.
It is equally a cemetery of Catholic belief with its deconsecrated churches (for Croce, another depredation of capitalism).
The Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco is housed, interestingly, in a deconsecrated, early-19th century chapel of San Donato, which was built by the people of Barbaresco in the middle of the 19th century as thanksgiving for the extraordinary local wine production.
Although Bartholomew occasionally has led prayers in other deconsecrated churches in Turkey, Sumela has always been contentious.
He has been based in Byker since he bought the deconsecrated church in 2005, but his work often takes him away from his base to locations around the world.
The Richmond show includes a series of his windows from a recently deconsecrated church in Montreal.
Mary's, Lambeth, where Secker's funeral was held, was deconsecrated in 1972 and is now London's Museum of Garden History: a symbol of the Church of England's decay, the state's indifference to it, and rapid secularization.
Along the southern edge of the cemetery, there are deconsecrated graves called: "El Anssar cemetery".
Now long deconsecrated, the Church became the home of the QPA when they purchased the site in 1982 and became its gallery and administration centre until 2004 when it was decided that because the church was set back so far from the street, the passing traffic and pedestrians probably assumed it to be a still-functioning church and it failed to attract the public.