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divested of consecration

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His coffin is one of five that have been discovered during refurbishment at the deconsecrated church of Saint Mary-at-Lambeth.
Aside from The Holy See's now regular pavilion, the artist Chistoph Buchel turned the deconsecrated church of Santa Maria della Misericordia into a mosque, taking form as the national pavilion of Iceland.
Other examples of opposition--if to less clearly defined powers of subjection--include Steve McQueen's profoundly moving two-channel video projection Ashes, 2014-15, which narrates the life, or rather the death and burial, of a young friend of the artist's who was murdered by drug dealers he accidentally encountered on the island of Grenada, and Theaster Gates's allegorical work Gone Are the Days of Shelter and Martyr, 2014, an extraordinary video installation recorded in a deconsecrated and derelict Catholic church (now demolished) on Chicago's South Side.
The Garden Museum is based on the deconsecrated medieval parish church of St.
Mattia agrees to remain dead, in order to safeguard his friend's new family, and he finds refuge in the dilapidated and deconsecrated church of the village of Miragno.
The acrimonious debate over what is to be done with the deconsecrated 120-year-old Anglican church in the town of Portugal Cove-St.
Holy Mary of the Mercies as the Church is known in English was restored in 1864 but had not been used as a place of worship for over 40 years and was deconsecrated in 1973.
Once everyone arrives, the former Temple Sinai will be deconsecrated, a mezuza affixed to the threshold, and people will enter the sanctuary for the reconsecration of Temple Emanuel Sinai.
For this year's Milan furniture fair, rather than create a palace, we transformed a deconsecrated church into a transgressive loft.
Shortly after the much-delayed burial, Bishop Bourget proceeded to the cemetery, identified the gravesite and deconsecrated the ground around that sole grave.
The article was accompanied by photos of the cemetery, which is said to have been disused for more than 20 years but not deconsecrated.
The church building was deconsecrated and liturgical activities moved to the old parish church outside Rosengard.
Willem-Alexander will now be sworn in rather than crowned at deconsecrated church Nieuwe Kerk, a stone's throw from the palace, before a joint session of the houses of parliament.
It is drawing overflowing crowds to its monthly services at the Nave, a deconsecrated church in the northern part of the city, reports New York Daily News.