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In its territorial version it is understood as the change in the process of population concentration in the main cities, to another process involving the deconcentration of population and functional adaptation to the optimization of the location, and new ways of understanding the family, social relations, and the market.
Deconcentration: The form of decentralization in which the central authority redistributes authority through their autonomy agencies or functionaries of government.
Some of the most important ones include: 1) intensifying the reform process at the local public administration level focused on three important components: (i) civil service reform with all its aspects--civil servants pay system, human resources management, etc.; (ii) continuation of the decentralization and deconcentration process to strengthen the local autonomy and increase the fiscal capacity of local authorities through a better generation and management of their own revenues; (iii) improving the public policy formulation process in a close relation with the budgeting process.
The Lao case tried to look at the 'consequences of deconcentration' (pp.
A precise glossary of terms is necessary including decentralization, devolution, autonomy, deconcentration, deconstruction, construction, unitary, federal, subnational unit.
Second, the 1990s saw a deconcentration of poverty in cities, and gentrification changed the focus from community building to displacement issues.
Plus precisement, il remet en question les notions suivantes d'abord, que le processus de deconcentration industrielle ne decolle qu'apres la Premiere Guerre mondiale, ensuite, que ce processus ne touche que les grandes entreprises; enfin, que la suburbanisation de la fin du 19[degrees] siecle et des premieres decennies du suivant est presque exclusivement l'affaire des classes aisees.
It has already financed the 'deconcentration' of five ACP delegations from 2001, and eight delegations from 2002 with some Euro 23 million.
Deconcentration is a luxury that comes later--even a necessity, if the negative effects of concentration prove to be too great.
De plus, les auteurs se questionnent sur les notions de compression de l'espace-temps ainsi que sur la montee de la <<glocalisation>>, terme utilise pour definir les liens entre la globalisation des echanges economiques et socio-culturels et la deconcentration de certaines activites economiques hors des grandes metropoles.
There are three main models of decentralisation: deconcentration, delegation and devolution.
Virtually all metropolitan areas in North America, Western Europe, and Japan are experiencing long-distance "deconcentration"--or urban development that spreads across the landscape--due to the influence of commuting by automobile and to the dispersing effects of information technologies, said Peter Hall, a professor of planning at the University College London's Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning, in 1997 at the first of an annual series of lectures sponsored by the Megacities Foundation, established in 1994 to study the impacts of growing cities.
This research shows the population deconcentration effects of the great migration from relatively high densities along the eastern seaboard to the sparsely populated west.
Generally known as sprawl, the situation is particularly acute in metropolitan areas where deconcentration is taking place--suburban growth coupled with a decline in the central city.