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Approximately 20 pages are devoted early on to terminology and a survey of the comparative literature on deconcentrated public administrations; however brief, this overview sets a crucial context for the reader to understand how politicians, bureaucrats and eventually consultants could themselves interpret, reinterpret, and sometimes misinterpret what is 'decentralization'.
Elections are conducted by deconcentrated sub-national offices of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC).
Administratively, as discussed, the formerly deconcentrated bureaucracy is now on paper answerable-to the locally elected leadership.
Provision of public health care was partially deconcentrated to regional health services and primary care devolved to municipalities (17).
* the pure devolution pattern (typical case of Nigeria) where an attempt was made to disband deconcentrated structure;
So-called "deconcentrated" State services, which duplicate the efforts of corresponding agencies of sub-national governments, should be evaluated and abolished if they are not strictly necessary.
Popkin, et al., (2000) notes that "thirty years after the initial decision, the philosophy behind Gatreaux, that public and assisted housing should be scattered throughout a range of communities or deconcentrated, has become the driving force behind the current transformation" (p.
"London has deconcentrated much more than Copenhagen," Nielsen said.
intercommunal groupings, the region(s), the departement(s), public and private actors, technicians and elected members of territorial authorities, deconcentrated state services and state establishments);
Yet there are major limitations to the brand attack strategy, they conclude, particularly for an industry as deconcentrated as garments and shoes.
But vertical linkages between reproductive health programmes, units and bodies at national level, within deconcentrated resource allocation, management and financing structures, needs further clarity.
TABLE 1 The Schedule of Implementation for Deconcentrated Services Domain Date Planning May 1983 Training and education June 1983 Urban planning October 1983 Health and social action January 1984 Ports and rivers January 1984 School transport January 1984 Public teaching January 1986 Culture January 1986 Source: Marchand (1999).
Life-long national subsidies for owner-occupied single-family dwellings encourage people toward more deconcentrated (lower density) developments.
Note that wealth grew more concentrated in the 1920s and deconcentrated during the Depression, World War II and the early decades of the postwar boom.
The blame against the governments inaction to protect the Muslim minority is placed upon the "community's deconcentrated colonies and lack of political clout and wealth" (p.