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Despite its purpose, the HCV Program on the whole fails to deconcentrate voucher families or give them access to opportunity.
As discussed above, a general outcome of US federal policy by way of HCV is to deconcentrate poverty, if not relocate it, as an attempt to disrupt spatial distribution of disadvantage via the promotion of mixed income neighborhood policies.
This policy brief addresses several key provisions in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that provide policy support and funding to states and localities seeking to deconcentrate poverty and reduce racial isolation in schools.
In Romania, organe deconcentrate au fost prefectii, subprefectii, primarii si serviciile exterioare ale ministerelor sau ale stabilimentelor publice.
American housing policy has veered over the past number of years toward efforts to spatially deconcentrate subsidized households, dispersing them in an effort to achieve greater levels of racial and class integration.
As everyone agreed with the need to deconcentrate poverty and create mixed-income communities, panelists discussed creative means to reach that goal through the use of public housing and Section 8 housing vouchers.
It is becoming increasingly recognised that in order to provide assistance to low- to moderate-income households, to deconcentrate poverty and thereby reduce social, economic and health inequalities, and to create vibrant successful, sustainable communities, the public authority mind-set and culture must adapt to the need to gain expertise in harnessing and exploiting the powers of the market to the advantage of public services and subsidies.
It means that the enforcement agency will always have to consider whether or not its intervention is going to be rapid enough to eliminate monopoly before the natural forces that work to deconcentrate a monopolized market will do so without legal intervention.
In the first explanation, Bebchuk suggests that takeover defenses provide managers with sufficient protection from an unwanted acquisition to encourage them to "deconcentrate ownership" by issuing new shares when a profitable investment opportunity arises in the future.
We need to deconcentrate poverty in cities and give many of the people who live in them a better shot at pursuing the American dream.
Court sources say that the Commission has already moved to "deconcentrate" its aid decision-making, giving more powers to local offices.
More generally: how can we put certain "genies back in their bottles"--to ultimately eliminate nuclear weapons, deconcentrate wealth, devolve power?
They indicated that this transaction was a result of Argus's commitment to deconcentrate ownership of the South African press.
Secretary Cisneros clearly intends to support the efforts of Vince Lane, chairman of the Chicago Housing Authority, and others to "deconcentrate" public housing and transform expensive public housing units into more leveraged forms of housing assistance.
But I want the government to open the economy, to deconcentrate the power, which is in the hands of a few, so people like us can advance much further."