decompression sickness

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pain resulting from rapid change in pressure

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This decompression sickness, which is also known as "the bends", can cause long-term health problems.
He explained that the risk for decompression sickness among Air Force pilots has tripled from 2006, probably due to more frequent and longer periods of exposure for pilots.
3] Brain injuries caused by decompression sickness and arterial gas emboli began being treated by HBOT using Navy Treatment Table six.
VCU is nationally recognized for its research in groundbreaking work using perfluorocarbons (PFCs); applications of perfluorocarbons include eye surgery, imaging, liquid ventilation, artificial blood and treatment of decompression sickness, as well as various other non-medical applications.
Jim was still suffering slight decompression sickness from a flight to 35,000 feet the day before, despite pre-breathing 100-percent oxygen for two hours, and he generously offered me his ship to try for my altitude badge.
About 3 hours into the mission, Col Henry experienced the first pangs of what would become one of the most serious cases of decompression sickness ever survived in the history of aviation.
As she was being taken to emergency with her swimsuit on, Dalkilic said she was fine, it was not decompression sickness and that it was just a water blackout.
Among the most popular draws was the chance to see the hospital's dive chamber - which is used to treat divers who suffer life-threatening decompression sickness.
Successful resolution of decompression sickness decreases the longer one waits for therapy.
Greek Ministry of Merchant Marine spokeswoman, Aspa Papadopoulou, said Mr Spencer was found "unconscious with decompression sickness symptoms".
As close as you can get to the feel of deep-sea diving without risking decompression sickness, this superbly mounted item from veteran underwater helmer Howard Hall and his team should score with viewers of all ages.
Croix get serious decompression sickness," Olsen said.
Scuba diving is not safe, as the foetus is not protected against decompression sickness and gas embolism.
A visit to a dive doctor revealed she had type II decompression sickness (DCS).