hyperbaric chamber

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a large chamber in which the oxygen pressure is above normal for the atmosphere

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He said that the decompression chamber consists of a metal cylinder, in which the affected divers spend several hours, according to their state of health.
Dubai: Dubai Police have treated 16 scuba divers suffering from decompression sickness known as 'the bends' by placing divers inside a decompression chamber located at the police clinic in Al Twar.
As well as spending five hours in a decompression chamber the day of the accident, they spent another three hours there the following day to shrink the gas bubbles which had formed in their bodies' tissues.
A radio report said that the German diver was rushed onto shore on a stretcher and would have been taken to a hospital but was brought instead to a decompression chamber in one of the vessels.
The self-contained centre comprises a dynamic flight simulator (DFS), a combined human centrifuge and flight simulator which creates the g-force effect imposed by high performance aircraft; a hypobaric decompression chamber and a hyperbaric high pressure "diving" chamber; and a purpose build test and survival pool which can recreate adverse weather conditions.
I use it as my decompression chamber. Going in and stirring is a fantastically useful way of bringing yourself into home mode."
Mr Nicholl's diving partner was also later airlifted by the helicopter to a decompression chamber in Poole as a safety measure after reporting that he felt unwell.
A six-year-old boy trapped inside the semi-detached home was resuscitated by firefighters and taken to Hull via air ambulance to be treated for smoke inhalation in a special decompression chamber.
The helmet and a decompression chamber - like that used by astronauts in training - are playing a vital new role in helping the youngster left blind and brain-damaged in a violent attack.
TWO divers were airlifted to a decompression chamber after showing symptoms of the bends.
29-year-old ex-Royal Marine corporal, whose family live in Cooks Lane, Tile Cross, died in a decompression chamber near rig Waage II, 200 miles off the Orkney Islands.
A family of four staying at Liverpool's waterfront Crowne Plaza were taken to a decompression chamber at Murray field Hospital in Wirral after becoming overcome by fumes.
It turns out that I'm fine, but for 24 hours, I'm scared out of my mind, worried I'll have to head to some onshore decompression chamber and derail the trip; I earn myself the nickname "deco-girl." I learn new respect for the dangers of diving.
Four of the children were put in a decompression chamber in hospital to remove carbon monoxide from their blood.
The teenager is now back at school, having spent almost a week in a decompression chamber to clear toxic gases from her system.