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  • verb

Synonyms for decompose

Synonyms for decompose

to reduce or become reduced to pieces or components

to become or cause to become rotten or unsound

Synonyms for decompose

separate (substances) into constituent elements or parts

lose a stored charge, magnetic flux, or current

break down

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The branchwidth of the graph G is the minimum width over all possible branch decompositions of G.
Courtois notes the importance of decomposition [5]: "Decomposition has long been recognized as a powerful tool for the analysis of large and complex systems.
de la Harpe, Amenability and paradoxical decompositions for pseudogroups and for discrete metric spaces, Proc.
Goal of this work is research of a new sensor for sensing and decomposition of mechanical signals based on mechanical filter bank.
Przemski: On the various decompositions of continuous and weakly continuous functions, Acta Math.
The purpose of this work is to provide the reliable solution for the nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm Integrodifferential equation by using the modified decomposition method.
7) Using (1') and the mean characteristics of the three categories and the constant, it is simple manipulation to identify the characteristics and coefficients effects for both aggregate and detailed decompositions.
The conventional orthogonalized variance decompositions are defined as
Trois types de decompositions d'un graphe en chaines.
The method of multiscale image fusion can be used to solve multiscale decomposition.
Note the following: (i) when two monoradicals with i and j undecomposed peroxide groups terminate, the formed polymer will contain i+j undecomposed peroxide groups; (ii) diradicals only have an even number of peroxide groups, as they are generated only by propagation of the initiator diradical (with only two peroxide groups), and by combination termination of other diradicals, all of which have an even number of peroxide groups or no peroxide groups; (iii) due to assumption (c), polymeric chains may suffer both sequential decomposition reactions or total decompositions reactions.
The model-based decompositions attempt to fit the PolSAR data with a three-component [20, 24-27] or four-component [28-30] scattering mechanism model, which has physical meanings, and usually lead to straightforward representations.
Rodger, Directed star decompositions of the complete directed graph, J.
It should be noted that the wet-crinkle resistance was very poor at acid-salt decompositions above 95 percent.