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18] P Luo, X Wang, X Tang, "Pedestrian parsing via deep decompositional network," in Proc.
Second, conjoint analysis is a decompositional method, meaning that respondents make subjective judgments about the whole object (i.
which adopt a lexical decomposition approach in terms of the Aktionsart distinctions proposed in Vendler (1967) and the decompositional system put forward by Dowty (1979).
As a decompositional approach, the importance of individual attributes can be determined from the presentation of a multi-attribute product, which is more similar to how products are presented to consumers in the real world than a compositional approach based on a series of single-attribute questions.
A decompositional analysis of the relative contribution of age, sex and methods of suicide to the changing patterns of suicide in Taipei City, 2004-2006.
Why more male pedestrians die in vehicle-pedestrian collisions than female pedestrians: a decompositional analysis.
2) In dealing with argument structure, the LCM organizes lexical items into predicate classes associated with a semantic domain by making use of a decompositional system that captures syntactically relevant semantic meaning.
Capitalizing on this idea, Harley (2002) proposes that the syntactic structures for the PDC and the DOC are as in (4a) and (4b), respectively, each homomorphic to its corresponding lexical decompositional meaning shown in (3).
Capital structure and institutional setting: a decompositional and international analysis, Applied Economics 30: 1-14.
The top 10 of the Computing in Science & Engineering include the Dantzig simplex method for linear programming in 1947, the Krylov subspace iteration in 1952, the Metropolis Algorithm in 1953, the Fortran I compiler in 1957, the QR algorithm in 1958, the decompositional approach to matrix computation in 1961, a perspective on Quicksort in 1962, the Fast Fourier transform in 1965, the integer relation detection in 1977, and the fast multipole algorithm in 1987.
The method is considered to be decompositional because it is only applicable when the underlying model provides a linear decision boundary.
Capital structure and its determinants in the United Kingdom--a decompositional analysis.
a) Primes should have further semantic decomposition as shown within the RRG literature: "Because there is as yet no adequate decompositional representation for the primitive state and activity predicates which are the building blocks of the system (.