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Once boundaries were tested by more militant elements in the convergence, the decompositional dispositifs of the state came in to split ND into fragments, reduce its capacities, and force it into retreat.
Gestel, "Decompositional rule extraction from support vector machines by active learning," IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, vol.
Figure 8 shows that the feature space is occupied by the H and Alpha decompositional components of the various surface cover types.
[18] P Luo, X Wang, X Tang, "Pedestrian parsing via deep decompositional network," in Proc.
In search of a measure that qualifies as implicit: Recommendations based on a decompositional view of automaticity.
Uniqueness issues in the decompositional modeling of multiattribute overall evaluations: An information integration perspective.
Perhaps the novel suggests that it is lament for the maternal Envelope that hastens the mirroring of compositional and decompositional process, building effigies between breath and death, admitting possibilities of new becoming only in the temporal distance between one comforting tune and the next.
Novel decompositional methods are presented, in a highly rigorous manner; new results are proposed and derived.
Decompositional composition: the semantics of scope ambiguities and bracketing paradoxes.
It is a decompositional technique, in the sense that rather than asking respondents how much they value individual attributes (e.g., screen size), respondent evaluations of complete object profiles are elicited (e.g., specific models of TV), and the underlying part-worths of each attribute are derived from these evaluations (Green & Srinivasan, 1978).
Here, we employ the Tchebycheff approach [37] as a decompositional technique.
In doing so, we have relied on the theory of verb classes presented in the work of Valin and Lapolla (1997: 90ff.) and Van Valin (2005: 31ff.), which adopt a lexical decomposition approach in terms of the Aktionsart distinctions proposed in Vendler (1967) and the decompositional system put forward by Dowty (1979).
As a decompositional approach, the importance of individual attributes can be determined from the presentation of a multi-attribute product, which is more similar to how products are presented to consumers in the real world than a compositional approach based on a series of single-attribute questions.