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capable of being partitioned


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The ban has proved beneficial," said Mr James Too from Saos, Nandi County.The Kenya Forest Service and the Kenya Forestry Research Institute have developed alternative decomposable materials.
"Why don't the bottle water manufacturers just design decomposable cartons?" Stuart Weir ENTERTAINMENT: Don't worry if you're without a date on Valentine's Day as a club in Newcastle city centre is planning an epic singles party.
So, in Section 2, we establish a new abstract theorem on a backward compact pullback attractor for a decomposable evolution process; that is, it has a backward compact-decay decomposition.
"It's been the same stick test since 1987, and that's kind of crazy," she added while explaining her thought of redesigning the pregnancy test kit to make it decomposable.
He said that the organic matter that is recycled include food scraps and peels; cake, biscuit and bread; coffee ground and teabags; meat scraps, fats and bones; seafood scraps and oyster shells; egg and egg shells; cheese and yoghurt; citrus; hair; flowers, herbs and plants; paper towel; shredded paper and tissue; and certified decomposable plastic.
Although decomposable packaging is proposed as a solution to litter problems, from a technical and behavioural standpoint, it cannot be regarded a general solution.
This can be seen as a result of its decomposable material which make paper cups eco-friendly and biodegradable.
As cakes are decomposable items, most of these providers have an fast delivery service.
For this purpose we use the multidimensional inequality indices proposed by Maasoumi (1986) that can be decomposable into the between- and within-group inequality components.
If G admits an H-supermagic labeling, then G is said to be H-supermagic decomposable or G has an H-supermagic decomposition.
But there is a third variety as well: Words with an even number of letters which are decomposable into two-part tautonyms (e.g.
Severe organic pollution, which is caused when large amounts of decomposable organic compounds are released into water bodies, now affects around one out of every seven kilometres of all river stretches in Latin America, Africa and Asia.
The reduction in respiration with increasing salinity was smaller in soils amended with rapidly decomposable residues than with slowly decomposable residues.
across component boundaries, the system is fully decomposable and
(a) [S.sup.2.sub.P]([[f].sup.[alpha]], [[mu].sub.Z]) is a closed, convex, bounded, weakly compact, and decomposable subset of [L.sup.2.sub.P]([[mu].sub.Z]) for every [alpha] [member of] [0, 1],